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My immedate is not so interested in our family, the closest i have found with interest is my Grandmothers neice,. as far as i know only a first cousin has even seen this site,. Karen is the only one i know so it seems i may have not given enough credit out where due,.  so Karen says it best below and from me , THANK YOU to all who had any part in my being able to share these web pages
Special Reguest:
   Debbie,  While I surely appreciate all of your praise, esteem &
commendation for my help with Lucinda & Greene Mayberry, PLEASE
remember that ALL YOUR MID-WEST COUSIN'S helped in researching our family
history.  We didn't do it by ourselves.  We had lots of help!  Mary,
Terry & I have spent hours in the Court House & Gene' Libraries at
Carrollton & Macoupin Co., IL.  Also all of the cemetery work.  Plus
over the years, we've talked to & been contacted by numerious
generations searching for family.  Since we all share information...
Any or all of us would have gladly given you what we have found  SO-O-O
far! We also like that the fact that we can share some of your family
history, as this keeps us up to date.  We sure enjoy your web-sites!
Almost all of Zadock's & Jacob's families have made it to California &
a few of us beyond that!  So...the next time you go giv'in credit
out..remember we ALL contributed!  :)

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Name: Green V. MABERRY
Sex: M
Birth:14 FEB 1817
Death: 10 FEB 1900 in Shelby County, MO
Burial: Hagar's Grove Cemetery
Father: Oren MABRY

Lucinda Barnard b-25 Sept. 1821 Mitchelville, Sumner Co.,
Green V. Mayberry

Children of
~William Carroll Mayberry b. 1841 ILL
~ Jackson Mayberry b.1845 ILL.
~Nancy G. Mayberry b. 1848 ILL
~ Mahala Mayberry b. 1850 ILL
~Rachel Mayberry b.1852 d.1854.
~George M. Mayberry 1853 ILL
~James C. Mayberry b.1856 Ill. Mar. Laurie B. Gausney.
~~Martha Matilda Mayberry b.June 1862 ILL
~ Charles Green Mayberry 1865 ILL. Mar. Mary (Molly) F. Wallace.
~John Mayberry b.1868 ILL.

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Name: Oren MABRY
Sex: M
Name: Oren? MABRY
Father: Cornelius MABRY
Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
Mahalia MABERRY b: 1 FEB 1814
Green V. MABERRY b: 14 FEB 1817

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Name: Cornelius MABRY
Sex: M
Father: John MABRY , Sr. b: 1777 in Caswell County, NC
Mother: Margaret TRIGG
Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown

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Name: John MABRY , Sr.
Sex: M
Birth: 1777 in Caswell County, NC
Death: 1862 in Sumner County, TN
Marriage Margaret TRIGG
Father: Benjamin MABRY b: 21 FEB 1755 in Caswell County, NC
Name: Margaret "Peggy" TRIGG
Sex: F
Death: 1862 in Sumner County, TN
Marriage 1 John MABRY , Sr. b: 1777 in Caswell County, NC
Married: 9 DEC 1808 in Sumner County, TN
Mildred MABRY
Mordecai MABRY
John MABRY , Jr.
Mary Ann MABRY
Cornelius MABRY
Benjamin MABRY

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Name: Benjamin MABRY
Sex: M
Birth: 21 FEB 1755 in Caswell County, NC
Death: 1839 in Sumner County, TN
Military Service: Revolutionary War
Father: William MABRY
Mother: Celia (MABRY)
Marriage 1 Spouse Unknown
James MABRY b: 1776 in NC
John MABRY , Sr. b: 1777 in Caswell County, NC
Benjamin MABRY , Jr. b: 1782 in Caswell County, NC

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Name: William MABRY
Sex: M
Father: Charles MABRY , Sr. b: 1693
Mother: Rebecca (MABRY)
Marriage Celia (MABRY)
Benjamin MABRY b: 21 FEB 1755 in Caswell County, NC

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Name: Charles MABRY , Sr.
Sex: M
Birth: 1693
Death: 1749 in Surry County, VA
Father: Francis MABRY b: BET 1650 AND 1660 in ENGLAND
Mother: Elizabeth GILLIAM b: ABT 1654 in VA
Marriage Rebecca (MABRY)
William MABRY
Charles MABRY , Jr.

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Name: Francis MABRY
Sex: M
Birth: BET 1650 AND 1660 in ENGLAND
Death: MAY 1712
Marriage 1 Elizabeth GILLIAM b: ABT 1654 in VA
Married: BET 1684 AND 1685 in Henrico County, VA
Name: Elizabeth GILLIAM
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1654 in VA
Death: BEF 15 FEB 1715/16
Father: John GILLIAM
Mother: Margery HENSHAW
Marriage Francis MABRY b: BET 1650 AND 1660 in ENGLAND
Married: BET 1684 AND 1685 in Henrico County, VA
Hincha MABRY , Sr.
Judith MABRY
Ann MABRY b: BET 1687 AND 1692
Mary MABRY b: BET 1687 AND 1692
Francis MABRY , Jr. b: BET 1687 AND 1692
George MABRY b: BET 1692 AND 1699
Charles MABRY , Sr. b: 1693

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John Gilliam was born in 1614 in England (Source: Historical SouthernFamilies, Vol 1 (Boddie). He died in 1673 in Prince George Co, VA.
Marriage 1 Margaret "Margery" HENSHAW b: ABT 1629 in prob VA
Married: ABT 1650 in VA
Father: John GILLIAM b: 1571 in Twickenham, WAL
Mother: Amy FOUNTAYNE b: in prob ENG
Name: Margaret "Margery" HENSHAW
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1629 in prob VA
Death: 1688 in Henrico Co, VA
Father: Thomas HENSHAW b: in ENG
Mother: Catherine GOWER
Marriage 1 John GILLIAM b: 1614 in Gravesent, ENG
Married: ABT 1650 in VA
Charles GILLIAM b: ABT 1650 in Bristol Parish, VA
Elizabeth GILLIAM b: 1655 in VA
Hinchea GILLIAM b: ABT 1660 in Bristol Parish, VA
John GILLIAM b: 1666 in Bristol Parish, VA

John Gilliam Jr and his brother, Thomas, sailed from Gravesend,England on the "George" on 21 Aug 1635. Their passage was paid by acolonist, Joseph Royall who received a land grant on 20 Aug 1642 forthe transoortation of the two Gilliams and ten other persons. Whether,Capt. John Gilliam, the father of John and Thomas was already here orcame later is unknown. John Gilliam Jr, married Margery Henshaw".(Source: Don Collins, email <>. 5400 W Hustis St,Apt E, Milwaukee, WI 53223-6330,

Granted land in 1663 in Bristol Parish. Ten years later he desertedthe land, it was patented to Henry Randolph (Book 6, VA Land Office).Nearly a hundred years later (17 Jun 1769), a later Henry Randolph inhis will made Maj. Peter Poythress and John Gilliam Sr, and JohnGilliam Jr, his executors. In that long interim, a marriage had takenplace between the Gilliam and Poythress families. These "Poythress"Gilliams are to be found in the records of Prince Geroge, Sussex,Lunenburg, Albemarle and Hanover Counties, VA and Granville Co, NCduring the 18th century. (The Lost Tribes of North Carolina, Worth SRay, 1947) (Source: Beverlly Burton email <>

He also had early land grants in Chowan Precinct, on Albermarle Sound.(Ison-Gilliam Genealogical Collection LDS Library. "Beverly Burton".

Notes: The first mention of the Gilliam name appears in a patentgranted Joseph Royal on August 20 1642, in Henrico Co, Va for thetransportation of several persons, among whom were John and ThomasGuilham. Thery were undoubtedly the John (age 21) and Thomas Gillam(age 18) who sailed from Gravesend, ENG, bound for Virginia on August21, 1635, aboard the George.
John Gilliam sued the estate of Anthony Tall for 1,100 pounds oftobacco in December of 1659 in Charles City Co, Va. In 1660, he servedon the Grand Jury and witnessed the will of Thomas Lowe. Four yearslater, John was sued by William Hunt, attorney for the Anthony Tallestate, for illegal detention of a servant belonging to Tall. The suitwas dismissed in August of 1664 when John surrendered the servant. Themonth before this dismissal, John bought 1,300 acres from EdwardHill. In June of 1673 Thomas Mallory, one of the executors of theThomas Bridgees estate was ordered to "deliver one gunn unto JohnGilliam", Three years later, Capt John Gilliam informed the crew andCaptain aboard the Young Prince of the burning of Jamestown duringNathaniel Bacon's Rebellion.
On Oct 1 1687, Henry Randolph 11 assigned a piece of property on theSouthside of the Appamattox River to Margery Gilliam, wife of John(deceased). The land had been promised t John or bought from HenryRandolph. Unfortunately, both died before the deed could betransferred and recorded.

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Name: John GILLIAM
NPFX: Capt
Birth: 1571 in Twickenham, WAL
Death: ABT 1651 in VA
Marriage 1 Amy FOUNTAYNE b: in prob ENG
Married: BEF 1614 in Gravesent, ENG
Sex: F
Birth: in prob ENG
Marriage John GILLIAM b: 1571 in Twickenham, WAL
Married: BEF 1614 in Gravesent, ENG
John GILLIAM b: 1614 in Gravesent, ENG
Thomas GILLIAM b: ABT 1617 in Gravesent, ENG
"Capt. John Gilliam died in Norfolk Co, VA late in 1651 and his willwas probated in January and February 1651/2. He left everything to hisbrother-in-law and executor, Roger Fountayne, with the exception ofhis rapier and gold ring whch went to his eldest son John Gilliam. Norecord has been found of his coming to America, although his sons Johnand Thomas Gilliam came together in 1635 aboard the ship "George". Onerecord says that Capt. Gilliam was sent by the King to survey theVirginia Colony. Source: Don Collins, email, <>,5400 W Hustis St, Apt E. <o;wailee. WO 53223-6330, phone (414)358-1380".
The Gilliam, Gillum, Gillam Family is of Norman descent, in the year1635 John Gilliam age 21 and Thomas Gilliam age 18 departing from aport in London, England, came to Virginia in August, aboard the Ship"George". Later the same year William Devereux Gilliam age 27, came toVirginia aboard the ship "Constance". John Gilliam died in lowerNorfolk Co, VA in 1651 (will). Source: Jerry Gilliam, 119 Belsay Dr.Kingsprot, TN 37660 <"
1.Sun Aug 10 1997. GENNAM- Query. Search, for the linage of JohnGilliam who arrived from England aboard the "Sarah Constance" toassist in the survey with Sir Francis Bacon in 1635. I believe Johndied in 1673. Source: <>
2.William Gillum sr. born 1720, Bristol, VA (Mary Jarrett born 5 May1724 VA, parents were Robert and Sarah Elizabeth Bradley JarrettWilliam sr. died ?.
3.John Gillum born 1666 Bristol, VA married Lucy Henry born 1690Surry, VA married in Lunenburg Co, VA, John died Gainsville, NC.Lucy's father was Patrick Henry.
John Gilllum Jr born 1635 VA married Margaret Henshaw
4. John Gillum sr born 1614 Gravesent, Kent, ENG, wife unknown, died1651, Norfolk VA. John and his brother William, sons of Sir RichardGilliam, came to America in 1635 aboard the Ship "The Constance" withthe Royal Commission to survey and map the Dominion of Virginia
5. Sir Richard Devereaux Gillum born 1582 Gravesent, Kent ENG marriedDorothy, born 1584 ENG. Daughter of the Earle of Pembroke
6.John Gilliam, born 1614 in ENG; died 1678 in Henrico Co, VA. Hewas the son of Capt. John Gilliam and Miss (Amy) Fountayn. He marriedMargery (Margaret) Henshaw abt 1639 in Surry Co, VA
Margery Henshaw, born 1618 inSurry Co, VA died 1688 in Henrico Co, VA.She was the daughter of Thomas and Catherine Cower Henshaw

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Name: Thomas HENSHAW
Marriage 1 Jane WISTOW
Married: in VA
Thomas HENSHAW b: in VA
Joseph HENSHAW b: in VA
Benjamin HENSHAW b: in VA

**Marriage 2 Catherine GOWER
Married: in prob VA
Margaret "Margery" HENSHAW b: ABT 1629 in prob VA
Name: Catherine GOWER
Father: Walter GOWER
Marriage 1 Thomas HENSHAW b: in ENG
Married: in prob VA
Margaret "Margery" HENSHAW b: ABT 1629 in prob VA
Thomas Henshaw was born in England. There apprears to be a conflictamong researchers on the identity of Thomas Henshaw and hisspouse(s);therefore, known research and sources are shown until theissue is resolved. In the meantime, Catherine Gower is shown as hisspouse and mother of Margaret Henshaw. (Jim Young).
Thomas Henshaw was living on Otterdam in Surry County by 1638 when hisalready well established property was mentioned as adjoining that of anew patent of land to Captain William Borcas. He is presuably the sameThomas Henshaw who was granted land in this part of Virginia under thesecond charter of King James 1 on 23 May 1609. The name Henshaw(Hinshaw) was often used as a given name in succeeding gereratons ofthe Mabry and Gilliam families, often being spelled Hinchia. someresearchers list Thomas Henshaw's wife as Catherine Gower. I sawanother source recently which said she was Elizabeth Cresser. Thissouce said that both Thomas Henshaw and his daughter, Margaret, wereborn in Strarford upon Avon. Source: Don Collins, email,<, 5400 W Hustis, Apt E, Milwaukee, Wi (414-358-1380.
1.Thomas Henshaw of Basset's Fee
Thomas Henshaw of Basset's Fee and benton -place, in Shipley, 32
He married Jane Wistow. "Jane, only daughter and heir of RichardWistow, of London, Chief chirurgeon to Q Elizabeth".32
2.He then married Katherine Gower. "Katherine, duaghter of Walter Gowerof Worcester".32
3.Sources: 32, "Pedigrees of the Families in the County of Sussex",London 1830, by William Berry, in the LDS Family History Library, film#0924227
4.Catherine Gower: Thomas Henshaw and Catherine Gower had the followingchildren:
Margaret Henshaw.
Birth: in ENG

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On Greene V. Mayberry & Lucinda's marriage lic. there are slips of
paper stating that Greene's father was Orin Mayberry & Lucinda's father
was Zadock [ Zadok ]Barnard. Somewhere in my notes, I have Orin's wife
as Lucinda, but no maiden name. We have not been able to move back
Sumner Co., Tn. although we did find Orin Mayberry in Rockingham Co.,
N.C. @ 1790.

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Martha Matilda Mayberry December 05, 1880 in Shelby County, Missouri, daughter of Green Mayberry and Lucinda Barnard. She was born June 1861 in Greene County, Illinois, and died February 14, 1922 in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri.

THE ST. JOSEPH NEWS-PRESS, St. Joseph, Missouri, Thursday, Feb. 16, 1922

PRICE- Mattie Price, wife of John Price, died Tuesday afternoon at a local hospital. She is survived by two sons, Ernest and Clyde Price of St. Joseph, and a daughter, Mrs. Leda Saunders of Vinita, Oklahoma. Funeral services will be held at the family home Friday afternoon. Burial in Ashland Cemetery. For further information call Fleeman McNeill Funeral Home.


SHELBY COUNTY HERALD, Shelbyville, Missouri, Wednesday, Feb. 14, 1900
Uncle Green Mayberry and wife died at Hagers Grove last Saturday morning of pneumonia. He died at 7:30 and she died at 10 o'clock. He would have been 83 years old today had he lived and she was 80 or 81 years old. They were buried last Sunday at Hagers Grove. Mr. Mayberry and wife at one time were in excellent financial circumstances, but they died very poor.

THE CARROLLTON PATRIOT, Carrollton, Illinois, Friday, Feb. 16, 1900
Green Maberry and wife died last Saturday at Hagers Grove, Missouri, and were both buried in the same coffin. Mr. Maberry was a resident of Greene County for many years, living near Woody until he moved to Missouri.

Green V. Mayberry and Lucinda Banard died in Hagers Grove. MO. They are both buried in a church yard in Hagers Grove. Both died on the same day 10 Feb. 1900.

Lucinda Maberry died 10 Feb. 1900, aged 78 years, 5 mo's, & 15 days.Greene V. Maberry died 10 Feb. 1900, age 83 years, 11 mo's. & 26 days.

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SHELBY COUNTY HERALD, Shelbyville, Missouri, Wednesday, Jan. 1, (year unknown)
Among the older residents whom we remember were Mr. and Mrs. Green Maberry, who after having lived for a number of years in a large house on the corner as you turn north, just a short while before their passing on, had the house built that is on what is now known as the Webster Glahn place. These people raised a large family who have scattered to different parts. Mr. Maberry was known and respected for his honesty and it is told of him that once hearing a noise during the night went to the barn, seeing a man in his corn crib. He afterwards said " he was just so ashamed he hurried back to the house for fear the man would see him."
A short illness, pneumonia, we think, caused their death within a few hours, thus being the only double funeral here that we have knowledge of.

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Notes for Green Mayberry:

1850 CENSUS ILLINOIS, Greene County, Between Macoupin & Apple Creek, family 274:

Green Maberry 30 TN farmer, Lucinda 29 TN, William 9 IL, Jackson 5 IL, Nancy 2 IL,

Mahala 1/12 IL, Mary Neale 15 KY.

1860 CENSUS ILLINOIS, Greene County, Town of Carrollton, family 1551:

Green Mayberry 41 TN farmer $700/$800, Lucinda 37 TN, William C. 19 IL, Andrew J.

15 IL, Nancy D. 12 IL, Mahala A. 10 IL, George W. 8 IL, James C. 5 IL.

1865 CENSUS ILLINOIS, Greene County, Carrollton Township, p. 84

Green Maberry, two males 0-10, two males 10-20, one male 40-50, two females 0-10,

two famales 10-20, one female 40-50.

1870 CENSUS ILLINOIS, Greene County, T-10 R-11, West to Jacksonville Back Road, family 173:

Green Mayberry 50 TN farmer $3,000/$600, Lucinda 45 TN housekeeper, Nancy 22 IL

at home, Mahala 19 IL at home, G.W. 17 IL farm laborer, J.C. 14 IL farm laborer,

Martha 8 IL at home, C.G. 5 IL, J.M. 2 IL.

1880 CENSUS MISSOURI, Shelby County, Black Creek Township, family 167:

M-160 Green Mayberry 60 TN farmer, Lucinda 55 TN housekeeper, Mattie 18 IL at home,

Charles 16 IL farming, John M. 12 IL.

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~~Children of Green V. and Lucinda ~Barnard~ Mayberry
~William Carroll Mayberry b. 1841 ILL
~ Jackson Mayberry b.1845 ILL.
~Nancy G. Mayberry b. 1848 ILL
~ Mahala Mayberry b. 1850 ILL
~Rachel Mayberry b.1852 d.1854.
~George M. Mayberry 1853 ILL
~ James C. Mayberry b.1856 Ill. Mar. Laurie B. Gausney.
~Martha Matilda Mayberry b.June 1862 ILL
~ Charles Green Mayberry 1865 ILL. Mar. Mary (Molly) F. Wallace.
~John Mayberry b.1868 ILL.

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~~Children of John Price and Martha Mayberry~~

~~Leda Omega Price, born September 26, 1882 in Shelbina, Shelby County, Missouri; died January 10, 1967 in Vinita, Craig County, Oklahoma.
~~*Clyde Delmar Price, born July 23, 1884 in Hagers Grove Cemetery in Shelby County, Missouri; died October 25, 1960 in Glendora, Los Angeles County, California.
~~Ernest Albert Price, born March 28, 1895 in Clarence, Shelby County, Missouri; died December 04, 1975 in Warsaw, Benton County, Missouri. He married (1) Marcelena R. 1917 in Missouri; born 1896 in Missouri. He married (2) Nancy B. Belcher August 09, 1945 in Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas
~~~~Photo of Leda Omega in Price Photos ~`She looks like a very strong woman`~~~~
~`~See bottom for more on Ernest Price~`~

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Green Mayberry's Will was handwritten.

State of Missouri; County of Shelby; March 27, 1894.

I, Greene Mayberry being of sound mind and in feable health make this
last Will and Testament and after all my honest debts are paid give and
bequeath of my Realestate and all of my personal property of every kind
to my beloved wife Lucinda Mayberry during her natural life at her
I want what is left of my estate divided equally between all of my
children; WIlliam C. Mayberry, A. J. Mayberry, G. W. Mayberry, Nancy
? [ Blurred], M. A. Woods, M. M. Price, Charles Mayberry, J. C.
and John M. Mayberry and my grand daughter Lobela Price it my wish is
that all the above named heirs shall share and share alike and that I
appoint my beloved wife Lucinda Mayberry to be the Exceutrex [sp] of
this my Last Will and Testament and that is not be required to give any
bond as I have the utmost confidence in her and that she willl do what
is wright [sp] with of her and my children.

Green X Mayberry

J. A. Grisham
J. G. Riggsby Witness
S. S. McAfee
J. G. Riggsby

Rice G. Maupin
Judge of Probate

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Some of it is family
history & some documented.
By the way, We've never been able to find any land purchase for
Mayberry anywhere from the Carolina's >Tn. >IL. Some have surmised
they were stone carver's boom/maker's and blacksmith's.

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I can imagine that Greene & Lucinda stopped in Scott & Pike &
Hancock Co's. to visit with Barnard & Mayberry relatives along the way.
It has occurred to us just following the family history that our
family's moved about every 25-30 years going north then westward.
Cousin Mary says "It got too crowded for them". Most of our relatives
were farmer's, blacksmiths and educators. They worked hard, went
faithfully to the Baptist Church, paid their bills & didn't get much

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A question; Does anybody know what the V. stood for? Also the name
Dallas shows up in several members of Zadock's family.
I will see if Mary has Kim's site. I know there are a lot of
pictures there. Kim & I have also discussed our ? Cheokee heritage.
There is a story about some of our N. C../Tn. relatives who married
indian's and were dismissed from the church. [ Rock Creek Bapt.] Some
of the old pictures of Zadock Barnard Jr. & descendants of Elisha
Barnard Sr. sure have the appearance in skin coloring & facial

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THE CARROLLTON PATRIOT, Carrollton, Illinois, Apr. 1877

Green Maberry and family started to move in wagons to Clarence, Missouri.

It has been said that when they left Greene Co., IL. that they traveled in several large Conestoga wagons, taking their stock with them. ~Karen Barnard~

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The Mayberry's & Barnard's have always been into good horse's.
Greene owned a good bred stallion by the name of John Bascombe who was
avertised to stand for stud.

Carrollton Democrat June 7, 1866
The Stallion Season
The thorough bred stallion John Bascombe, will stand in Greene Co., IL.
for 1866. Monday and Tuesday at Bluffdale, Wednesday and Thursday at
J. Daytons, Friday and Saturday at Woodville at a low rate of $10 to
ensure. He is cousin to Lexington, Boston and other noted
His produce is unsurpassed. Greene also owned a horse by the name of
On Jacob's Estate Sale, several of his horse's sold for over $150.
His branding symbol was JB.<<<<<<<<

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Mahala A. Mayberry, b. 1850 Green co Ill, married (1) W.H. Galloway, Dec. 28, 1871, then married (2) William L. Wood, March 23, 1875.

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Other people who have contributed to our information on Greene &
Lucinda Maberry's.

Kay Ramsey
7047 Woodrick Way
Sacramento, Ca. 95842
Information on Ancestor Chart dated 1 Jan. 1994.
1st Gen.
Orien & Lucinda [? } Maberry
Zadock & Mary "Polly" Short Barnard Sr.
2nd Gen.
Greene V. Maberry & Lucinda Barnard
3rd Gen.
WIlliam Carroll Maberry & Martha Ann Leonard.
* Note; Martha's parent's Robert & Dorias [ Darcus ] Barnard Leonard.
Darcus belonged to "Old Jacob Barnard" in Sumner Co., Tn. Robert b- @
1795 Tn., m- 1 May 1819 Tn., d- after 1850 Mac. Co., IL. Darcus b- @
1804 N. C., d- after 1860 Mac. Co., IL.
4th Gen.
Florence R. Maberry b-5 Dec. 1877 White Hall, Greene Co., IL., married
Lewis M. Ramsey 16 July 1899., d-24 April 1951 Springfield, Sangamon
Co., IL. Lewis b-4 May 1877, d-21 March 1954 Springfield, Sangamon
IL. Lewis' parent's- Brown & Abigail Ramsey.
5th Gen.
John W. Ramsey Sr. b-4 Sept. 1905 Salisbury, Clariton Co., Mo., married
Helen Caroline Stockton 2 Aug. 1928. d-18 Dec. 1979 Springfield,
Sangamon Co., IL. Helen b-7 March 1906 Springfield, Sangamon Co., IL.
Kay's parents.

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BENTON COUNTY ENTERPRISE, Warsaw, Missouri, Thursday, Dec. 11, 1975
Ernest A. Price, 80, was born Mar. 28, 1895 in Clarence, Missouri, the son of John and Mattie (Mayberry) Price, and passed away Thursday evening, Dec. 4, 1975 at his home in the White Branch Resort in Warsaw, following a lingering illness.
He grew to manhood in St. Joseph, Missouri, moving to Kansas City in 1931. On Aug. 9, 1945 in Olathe, Kansas, he was united in marriage to Nannie B. Belcher, of whom survives.
Mr. & Mrs. Price spent most of their married life in Kansas City, where Mr. Price was commander for the Larabee Milling Co. for 40 years- 29 years in Kansas City and 11 years service with the company while living in St. Joseph, retiring in 1960, at which time they moved to Warsaw, and resided in White Branch Resort area for the past 15 years.
Surviving are his wife, Nannie of the home, and several nieces and nephews. While living in Warsaw, Mr. & Mrs. Price made many friends, all of whom, along with his devoted wife, will sadly miss his presence.
Last rites for Ernest A. Price were held at the Rester Funeral Chapel on Dec. 6, 1975. Burial was in the Riverside Cemetery.

More About Ernest Albert Price:
Burial: Riverside Cemetery in Warsaw, Benton County, Missouri

More About Ernest Price and Marcelena R.:
Marriage: 1917, Missouri

More About Ernest Price and Nancy Belcher:
Marriage: August 09, 1945, Olathe, Johnson County, Kansas

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info from Kim Maberry

Charles Greene Maberry [My gGandfaher] maried Mary Frances Wallace on
July 1894 and they had five children;
1. Charles William Maberry b-3 July 1895 Hagar's Grove, Shelby Co.,
married Osa Maud Ford.
1a. Howard Herbert Maberry b-18 July 1917 Craig Co., Ok. married
Katherine McKissick.
1b. Ester Lorene b-31 Jan. 1921.
2. Luanna Maberry b- 8 Dec. 1899 Hagar's Grove, Shelby Co., Mo.
married twice. 1. Charles Monroe 2, Charles Stevens
3. Hazel Saloma Maberry b-27 Oct. 1897 Hagar's Grove, Shelby Co., Mo.
4. Ellis Roy Maberry b-8 Jan. 1911 Miles, Craig Co., Ok. married twice
1. Jessie Viola Timpson 2. Patricia Lee O'Hara.
4a. Charles Ellis b-6 Oct. 1932.
4b. Sammy John b-20 June 1936 Kim's father by Jessie.
4c. Mary Kathryn b-26 Feb. 1939
4d. Joellyn Maie b-17 Sept. 1949, adopted by Ellis Roy.
4e. Carroll Gene no information

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There were two
family's of Mayberry's in Greene Co., IL. Both came from Sumner Co.,
Tn. @ 1830-7.

WIlliam B. Maberry b-23 May 1809 Sumner Co., Tn.; d- 18 Aug. 1857;
married Martha Taylor "Aunt Patsey" 11 May 1830 Tn. Martha b-9 Aug.
1810 Tn.; d-11 March 1888. D/o Jacob & Mary Taylor. WIlliam B.
Maberry, S/o James & Susannah Barnard Maberry. Grandson of ?Benjamin
Maberry / Elisha & Rebecca ?Bradley Barnard. His occupation;
Farmer/Stock Riser.
William & Martha's children;
1. James V. Maberry b-@ 1831 Tn.; married Elizabeth Clark 1 Feb. 1859
Gr. Co., IL. Lic. # 4147. This family went to Coolage, Ks. @ 1887.
Children Martha b-@ 1860, Ella b-@ 1866, Lilly b-@ 1869, Orin b-@
Rosa b-@ 1875 & Herbert b-@ 1879-80. 2 children died young; Ada 16
Oct. 1861 2 yrs. Old & Alice E. b-20 Nov. 1865 age 1 yr., 11 mo's. & 16
2. William M. Maberry b-11 Feb. 1833 Tn.; married Georgia Ann Trimble
"Aunt Pink" 28 Feb. 1856 [place unknown] died 27 July 1901 buried in
Maberry Cemetery in Woodville "Woody", Gr. Co., IL. This family went
Marion Co., Ks 16 Feb. 1884, but returned to Gr. Co. Children;
2a. Agnes Maberry b- @ 1856 Gr. Co., IL., ; married John Stout.
2 b. Margaret S."Maggie" Maberry b- @ 1859; married Frank F.
Corrington 2 April 1886 Gr. Co., IL.
2c. Elvira Harreit Maberry b-?; married John Perry Wood 2 Sept.
Gr. Co., IL. Lic. # 7247.
2d. Georgia Ann "Annie" Maberry b-7 Jan. 1869; married John Gibson
17 June 1887.
2e. WIlliam Addison Maberry b- May 1863; Married Emma Greaves Oct.
3. John Maberry died 6 Oct. 1838 age 3 years, 6 mo's. & 10 days.
Besides their own children, WIlliam B. & Aunt Patsey Maberry raised 3
orphaned children; Mary Bradley, Elisha & Phoebe Campbell. Elisha &
Phoebe were children of Runey & Martha Jane [ Barnard ] Taylor
Martha died 13 March 1846, buried at Reddish Cem. & Runey remarried.
Martha Jane d/o Old ELisha & ? Barnard. This is our extra Elisha who
think belonged to Zadock. We don't know who his 1st wife was, but he
married Mahala Maberry, D/o Orin & Lucinda Maberry 2 Oct. 1831. This
ELisha Barnard b- @ 1800, died in Gr. Co., IL. @ 9 Aug. 1842 & is
in Jackson Cemetery east of Athensville. We think he was a Wagon
as we've read several family history's of people who came to Greene
IL before 1830 who said that Elisha drove the lead Wagon & he had a
Bond-boy by the name of Ruben C. Bradley who had worked for him since
the age of 6 years old. When going through some of the Probate Will's
in Greene Co., IL., we found a WIll for this Elisha stating that his
children were; William C., Andrew Jackson, Jacob M. , Martha Jane, wife
of Runey Campbell, Janes, Orin, Nancy & Elizabeth Barnard, the last
minors under the age of 21 years. THis Elisha was listed as Elisha
Barnard Sr. on the 1840 Greene Co., IL. Fed. Census. After he died,
Elisha Barnard [ brother to Henry married his widow Mahalia & they had
children. A case of his, her's & our's. We have a lot of Elisha's &
Mahala's to keep track of. It took us some time to figure it all out!
Thanks to Terry. At one time there were 4 Runey Campbell's living in
Calhoun & Gr. Co., IL. The two older ones were distinguished by "Gimpy
Leg Campbell" & "Squinty Eye Campbell." This always makes me laugh!
When I first seen this, Mary & I were in the Gene' Libray at Calhoun
Co., IL. I just burst out laughing 'til I cried...Needless to say we
didn't get any more work done that day. :) I don't know which one
Martha married, but they lived in Calhoun Co., IL. and Runney was a

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