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Thank you to Cindy Bailey,  A new "cousin"  we connect with Francis and Prudence (Shaw),. This is all her hard work she shared with me,.

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Rose, Small
All that is essential for the triumph of evil
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is that good people to do nothing

Clement Hill: Staunton River Sentinel

Clement Hill
Clement Hill,as the home began to be called in the Twentieth Century, stood on a hill with a splendid panorama of his extensive estate on Staunton River and its tributary, Sycamore Creek. In the background were the Peaks of Otter. The home was an excellent site for a pioneer settlement in the wilderness. Its elevation commanded a view of the river and the countryside around, and it could be well defended against marauding bands of Indians.
The first floor walls are of rock eighteen inches thick. Outside is a terrace of soapstone blocks, some more than a yard in length. One chimney is built inside the wall and furnishes corner fireplaces for each of two rooms on first and second floors. From one second floor room, a corner stairway leads to two rooms above. This home came into the possession of John Lynn Hurt who married Nannie Clement the granddaughter of Charles Clement. John Lynn Hurt was clerk of the Circuit Court of Pittsylvania County and served in the Senate of Virginia for seventeen years (1877-94) and as its president pro tempore for ten years (1884-1894). The Town of Hurt, Virginia, &Clement Hill until 1986.

The house was built by Captain (of a local militia Ranger company, organized for protection against hostile Indians) Benjamin Clement, probably in the 1770's. Clement had begun amassing land holdings in the area in the 1740's. An area which at that time had recently seen intensive occupation by local natives, the rich lands just to the south of the river sprouted Clement's own early form of industrial growth: tobacco; water-powered grist mill (he obtained permission to build one, but it is not certain whether he completed it); and, in partnership with Charles Lynch from across the river, the area's first gunpowder mill.

Diamonds 1
b. 1570 in England
d. 1609 in London, England

..........married 1590 in London England

B. 1579 in England
d. Aug. 26, 1633


Nicholas Clement
Ezchial Clement
Elizabeth Clement
Diamonds 1
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B. Nov. 8 1607 in St. James, London, England
d. Mar 1656/57 in St. James City, Virginia

b. 1607


John Clement

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b. 1630 in Gloucester Co. Virginia
d. 1721 in Isle of Wright, Virginia
b. 1630 in James City, Virginia
d. aft. 1721 in Virginia


Francis Jr. Clement b.1674, d. 1721,
..........m. Elizabeth Meriwether b. 1630, James City, Virginia
Thomas Clement
Mary Clement
Elisabeth Clement

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b. 1651 in Gloucester Co. Virginia


b. abt. 1652

Ann Clement b. 1675, Virginia
Elizabeth Clement b. 1678, Virginia
Grizelle Clement, b. 1680, Viginia: d.1882
Mary Clement, b. 1683, Virginia
Sarah Clement, b. 1683, Virginia
Benjamin Clement, b. 1687, Virginia
Richard Clement, b. 1689: Virginia: d. 1684
George Clement, b. 1695, Virginia; m. Susannah
Thomas Clement, b. 1698, Virginia; d. 1700
Thomas Clement, b. 1701, Virginia; m. Christian; b. 1705
 C            184        JOHN HERRING & wife REBECCA to GEORGE CLEMENTS, 2/9/1729: 40 lbs.
                                            for 100a on Roquiss Swamp ajoining RICHARD FRYAR, wit: HENRY
                                            GUSTAN, JOHN EDWARDS, HENRY EDMUNDS, Feb. court, 1729,.
                                            THOL CREW, clerk of court.
C            195       GEORGE CLEMENT  to JOHN HERRIN JR. 11/20/1729 for one Negro called  DICK,.                     
                                         wit: WM. JONES, JOHN HATCHER.


   G   135   GEORGE CLEMENTS to HENRY KING; 10/27/1746; 60lbs for 100a. "I am obliged to                                    
                                  HENRY KING of Chowan Co. in 70 lbs Va. money bargained and sold 100a
                                of land lying on Rocquis Pocoson which GEORGE CLEMENTS formerly
                                purchased of JOHN HERRING JR.  "ajoining CHARLES KING as back patent
                                to JOHN HERRING. wit: MICHAEL KING, CHARLES KING, THO. RETTER.
                                May court 1748.

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b. in Gloucester Co., Virginia
d. Feb 28, in Amelia, Virginia,

........married in Virginia to

b. Gloucester Co. Virginia
d. Amelia, Virginia


William clement, b. 1712, Virginia
John Clement, b. 1704, Hanover Co., Virginia,.
........d. 1749, St. Paul Parrish, Hanover Co.., Virginia
Francis Clement b. 1706, Virginia.,d. 1754, Charlotte, Virginia
Elizabeth Ford Clement b. 1708, Virginia,. married Ellyson
Barsheba Clement b. 1710, Virginia
Ann Clement, b. 1712, Virginia
 Other large slaveholders were William Clements with 53 slaves;

,............................ CALLYHON       , Mary (widow)        , CLEMENT         , William              , Jan ,28     ,  1747 ,Orangeburg Co.       , SC

CD3_012            , UTBERT         , PATIENCE            , CLEMENT         , JOHN                 , 000 ,00     ,  1721 ,SC Mar 1693-1842     , SC
In 1737 William and his son John were living above Flat Creek. The tithable list for that year listed William with three Negroes; On 12 January 1738/9, Amelia County appointed Clement to survey a road to be cleared. Later that same year, he bought 50 acres on the river from Edmund Franklin.
William owned a mill by November 1744 when Amelia County appointed him and his son-in-law Hezekiah Ford to clear a road to Clements Mill. The mill was on the Appomattox River for Henry Cox sold Clement acre on the north side for a mill. That same year William made the list of tithables between Flat Creek and the Appomattox River. Amelia County prosecuted William for stopping the river with his mill in May 1746.
Over the next few years, William deeded land to his sons and sons-in-law. On 18 September 1739, William Clement made three deeds of land in Amelia County. Ann, his wife, relinquished her dower right. A parcel of 200 acres went to Hezekiah Ford for 20 and 275 acres went to William Clement for 20. The third was to John Clement of 300 acres for 30. On 14 June 1743 William Clement sold his son-in-law, Samuel Major, 200 acres in Amelia County for 10. They recorded this deed in King and Queen County, too.
On 25 September 1760 William bought 150 acres from George Evans for 60. This was next to another 150-acre parcel of land he had bought from William Ross 24 May 1759 for 70.
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B. 1700 Gloucester Co., Virginia
d. 1780 in Clement Hill, Pittsylvania, Virginia.

.............married in Gloucester Co. Virginia to


.............daughter of ISACC HILL and MARGARET JENNINGS

b. 1710 in King and Queen Co. Virginia
d. 1788 in Clement Hill, Pittsvania, Virginia


......................MARGARET JENNINGS daughter of
.............................Governor Edmund Jennings of Virginia. and
.............................Frances Corbin, b. 1651,
.............................dau. of Hon. Henry and Alice (Eltonhead) Jennings
................****See JENNINGS and HILL page 14 for more

Stephen Clement, b. 1732, Virginia
Issac Capt. Clement, b. 1733, Virginia
David Clement, b. 1737, Virginia
Adam Clement, b. Apr. 22, 1738, Virginia
Jeriah Clement, b. 1741, Virginia
John Clement, b. 1743, Virginia
James Clement, b. 1745, Virginia
Rachel Clement, b. 1747, Virginia; married, Joshua Capt. Abston
Daniel Clement, b. 1749, Virginia
Elizabeth Clement, b. 1751, Virginia. married Isaac Butterworth
Susanna Clement, b. 1754, Clement Hill, Pittsylvania,Virginia
............................married William Evans

CD3_012            , SMITH          , SARAH               , CLEMENTS        , JOHN                 ,
 Jan ,22      1771 ,SC Mar 1693-1842     , SC

     D       56         SAMUEL HERRING to JOHN CLEMENT, 5/14/1734; 42 lbs for 640a on E side of
                                        Cashy River in Bucklesberry Pocoson, ajoining LAURENCE LARSON. wit:
                                        THOMAS WHITMELL JR., OWEN O'DANIEL. May court, 1734, JOHN
                                        WYNNS, clerk of court.

Isaac Clements, Sr. Wife: Ann Clements. Sons: Aaron Clements, Stephen Clement, Hugh Clements, Isaac Clements, Jr., Daniel Clements, Benjamin Clements. Daughter: Rachel Butterworth. Land: 636 A. (All that tract or parcel of land in Pittsylvania County, Virginia." Exors: sons Stephen Clements, Hugh Clements, Benjamin Clements. Wits: James R. Webster, H. Webster, James Hawthorne, Jr. Date: 30 Oct. 1805. Probate: 27 Jan. 1817. Bk. A p. 206, Roll 100. Anderson Co, SC.


Census_Year 1790            
    Microfilm # M637-11            
    State South Carolina            
    City/District Cheraw District            
    Enumerator John Punch            
Free White Males          
    Head of Family 16 and up including Head Under 16 Free White Females Others Slaves Remarks
Page # Line # Last Name First Name  1 2 3 4 5 6
361 35  King John 5 3 6 0 3 
361..36  King George 11 3 0 0 
361..37  King  Henry  1 2 1 0 0
363 23 Clements Isaac 1 0 1 0 0  
367 4 Herring James 1 2 4 0 0  
367 5 Herring Sam'l 1 0 2 0 2  
370 13 Clements Thomas 1 0 1 0 0  
370 14 Clements Josiah 1 0 1 0 0  
380 11 Quick Solomon 1 2 5 0 0  
380 12 Quick Thomas 1 3 9 0 3  
380 49 Quick Aquilla 3 3 7 0 0
381 18 Oddium John 1 5 6 0 0 0
381 19 Oddium Jacob 1 1 1 1 0
rest are brothers

Diamonds 1
Land transactions

Benjamin moved with his father to Amelia County and appeared as a tithable on the countys first tax list in 1736. In 1738 he obtained a patent for 400 acres in Amelia County on the branches of Bent Run. He sold Lewis Thomas, of King William County, 150 acres of this patent in a deed dated 9 June 1739. Consideration was 10. Susanna relinquished her dower right in the land.

In 1739 Clement acquired 380 acres on the fork between Great Saylers Creek and Little Saylers Creek in what is now Prince Edward County. In a deed dated 18 June 1741, Benjamin and Susanna Clement sold this land to Francis Allen for 6.

In the May 1740 Amelia County court, Benjamin produced a certificate for taking up Hampton, a slave belonging to John Owen of Goochland. Courts paid claims to individuals who apprehended runaway slaves. Benjamin served as a juror in Amelia County several times before he moved from there.

In 1741 Benjamin began patenting lands on Staunton River in Lunenburg County in an area that later became Pittsylvania County. His first acquisition was 129 acres by patent dated 20 August 1741. He moved there in 1748. When Benjamin sold 150 acres of his original patent to Edmund Walker 20 April 1748, the deed called Benjamin a blacksmith.

Lunenburg County charged Benjamin on three tithes in 1749 and 1750. Stephen Clement and Francis Pollard were in his household in 1749 and Isaac and Stephen, in 1750.

Benjamin held 404 acres on both sides of Straightstone Creek in 1756 and a nearby 266 acres in 1759. Benjamin and Susanna sold both tracts in May 1760. By 1767 he was charged with five tithes, including James Clement, in Pittsylvania County.

Diamonds 1
With his neighbor, Charles Lynch, who lived across Staunton River in Campbell County, Benjamin Clement made the first gunpowder in the Colony. Their mill turned out fifty pounds of powder a day and was likely on Sycamore Creek. The following item written by Charles Lynch appeared in the Virginia Gazette 5 August 1775.

Virginia Gazette
Sometime ago my having made powder was mentioned in your paper, but as I wish for no more merit (should there be any of it) than I deserve, I inform the public that Mr. Benjamin Clement is a partner with me in making the powder, and that he was the first in the colony I have heard of who attempted to make it, altho he did not bring it to perfection. Since our partnership we have brought it to such perfection with salt-petre of our own making that the best riflemen approve of it; and with the little mill we now have, we can make fifty pound weight a day. Salt-petre only is wanting which may very easily be made by observing the following directions; and when it is considered how much we want powder and that salt-petre is the principal ingredient, it is hoped that those who have the good of their country at heart will exert themselves in making it. Without it we can have no powder, consequently no means of defense; but with it we shall soon have both. I am sir, your very humble servant.
Charles Lynch

Benjamin Clement aided the county in nonmilitary service in Colonial wars. He was captain of a company of rangers of Halifax County in 1755. The duty of the rangers was to range along the frontiers through the forests in search of hostile Indians. Records show also that Benjamin was a private in Capt. William Temples Company of 1st Virginia Regiment in the French and Indian War (1754-1763). Benjamin was sworn in as one of the first gentlemen justices of Halifax County 26 April 1756.
Two entries in the Antrim Parish Vestry Book, Halifax County, are interesting. One states that Nathaniel Dickerson Terry, the former collector, must pay unto Benjamin Clement ten pounds before levied for the cure of Robert Stokes and his wife of a dangerous disease.In another, Benjamin Clement is allowed five pounds for taking care of Thomas Robinson and his wife.
Benjamin left a will in Pittsylvania County (will dated 30 Mar. 1780, recorded 18 April 1780), and lies buried at the foot of Clement Hill. His estate was valued at 27,664.4.8. The settlement of Susannahs estate was recorded 16 October 1797. Susanna was head of a household of three whites in Pittsylvania County in 1785.
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b. 1735 in Amelia, Virginia
d. 1813 in Harison, Kentucky
b. 1740
......children with MARY BAKER
BENJAMIN CLEMENT, b. 1778, Virginia, d. 1836, Pendleton, KY
Rebecca Clement
Rachel Celment, b. 1775, Virginia
Edward Clement, b. bef. 1770, Virginia
Susanna Clement, b. bef. 1780

.......Second marriage Apr. 17, 1786 to
b. abt. 1760

.......Children with SARAH BAILEY
John Clement, b. 1786, Pittsylvania, Virginia
Issac Clement, b. 1788, Montgomery, Virginia
James Clement, b. July 1789, Virginia
Anne Clement, b. 1793, Virginia
Malvinia Clement, b. 1794, Virginia,. d. Dec 20,1873 Champaign, Illinois
Benjamin Clement [856.7.5] (1735), a tithable in Pittsylvania County in 1767, he and his brother Adam were appointed processioners by the vestry in November 1768. They and Thomas Robinson were to procession all patented land up Staunton River from the mouth of Red Creek to the mouth of Pigg River. His father deeded him 229 acres 3 November 1768, which he and then wife Mary — sold to his brother-in-law William Evans 2 August 1777.
Benjamin, or perhaps a son of this name, married Sarah Bailey in Pittsylvania County 17 April (bond) 1786, with Joshua Abston as surety.

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b. 1778, Virginia
d. 1836 Pendleton, Kentucky

...........married Nov 3, 1796 to

b. abt. 1780


Mary Clements, married Michael Race

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b. Feb 22, 1799, Kentucky
d. April 8, 1869, Marion Co. Iowa

......First Marriage CHARITY
b. abt 1818, Ohio

...........Child with CHARITY
William Clemens, b. abt. 1859, Iowa

......Second Marriage July 5, 1821 in Pendleton Co, Kentucky to

b. Nov 18, 1806, Pennsylvania
d. aft. 1870, Crawford, Sherman Twp, Kanas

......Children with PRUDENCE SHAW

Nancy Clemens married Hugh Glenn Feb 22, 1844
...........b. July 15, 1822, Pendleton Co., Kentucky
...........d. Dec 4, 1877, Durkee, Baker Co., Oregon
Elizabeth Clemens, b. Jan 26 1823, Pendleton Co., Kentucky
...........d. Nov 11, 1825
William Clemens, b. Mar. 15 1827, Pendleton Co., Kentucky
...........d. Sept 15, 1845
Benjamin Thomas Clemens, m. Susan Frazier 1848, Jane Martin 1859
.......... b. Apr 1829, Kentucky/Illinois
...........d. Dec 3, 1892
Samuel Clemens, b. Sept 19 1830, Edgar Co., Illinios
...........d. Nov 30, 1831, Ilinois
...........b. May 27 1832, Edgar Co., Illinios,
...........d.Apr 1, 1863, Marion Co., Iowa
Henry Clemens, b. Dec 3 1834, Edgar Co., Illinios
...........d. bef. 1840, Illinois
Robert Clemens, b. Dec 17, 1836, Edgar Co., Illnois
...........d. Sept 3, 1838, Illinois
James Clemens, b. July 12, 1840, Dewitt Co., Ilinois
Oliver P. Clemens, July 15, 1842, Dewitt Co., Illinois
Ann Marie Clemens, b Mar 19, 1844, Dewitt Co., Illinois
...........d bef. 1905, Illinois
Eliza Clemens, b. Feb 2, 1847, Dewitt Co., Ilinois
...........d. Feb 2, 1847, Illinois
John Clemens, b. abt 1852, Marion Co. Iowa
William H. Clemens, b. Nov 24, 1849, Marion Co, Iowa
...........d..d. Dec 1, 1921 Farnam, Nebraska.

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b. May 27, 1832, Edgar Co., Illinois
d. April 1 1863, Marion Co., Iowa

.......married in fathers (Francis) home Nov 25, 1847 to

b. June 22, 1820, Cluborne Co., Virginia
d. Jan 20, 1902 Marion Co., Iowa

Daniel W. Davis, b. abt, 1849, Marion Co., Iowa. m. Martha E. Sissell
Mary E. Davis, abt. 1851, Marion Co., Iowa.
........d. Dec 2, 1856, Marion Co., Iowa
Lucinda P. Davis, b. abt 1852, Marion Co., Iowa
........d. Dec 2, 1863, Marion Co., Iowa
SUSANNA DAVIS married Nov 8, 1874
...... FRANCIS MARION McGREW b. abt. 1850
b Feb 4, 1854, Marion Co., Iowa
d. Dec 29 1938, Independence, Missouri
Anna Bell Davis, b. abt 1855, Marion Co., Iowa
Joseph H. Davis, b. abt. 1858, Marion Co., Iowa
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In book c of probate the following was found,

a petition to have a  gardian appointed for

Francis Clement, an insane person,

which back in those days could mean

 almost anyting.  Benjamin T. Davis

became the gardian of the person and property

 for Francis Clement . Probate dated 1854.

I have a copy of this court document. Book D

 There is another  document to release

Benjamin Davis from any futher duties

as gardian of  Francis Clement who has been

 restored to the use of his proper reason.

From Lynne Price Budke


On September 11,1869 Benjamin T. Davis

 petitioned the  court to be appointed the

guardian of William H. Clement son and

heir of Francis  Clement who died intestate

 on the 8 April 1863 or 1869 (hard to read). 

William H would have been about 11 years old.

From ~Lynne Price Budke~

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Alphabetical Rent Roll of Virginia 1704/05

                             (c) 1994

Clements Benj               Glocester, Petso Parish

Clements Benja              Glocester, Abbington Parish

Clements Capt               Prince George County, 1704

Clements Jno                Surry County, 1704

Clements Jno                Surry County, 1704

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Oaths of Allegiance - 1777 Pittsylvania County, VA
copy done by Cynthia Hubbard Headen
source: The Magazine of VA Genealogy, v.23, #1 (Feb.1985),
        transcribed by Marian Dodson Chiarito
Thomas Dillard, List
Isaac Clement
Stephen Clements
Charles Kennon's List
Jonathan Hill
Joseph Hill
Thomas Hill
William Ward's List :
Joshua Abston
Benjamin Clements
Benjamin Clements
James Clements
William Witcher's List
Jno. Clement
James Hill
Nathan hill
Jno. Jennings
Crispin Shelton's List
Edmund Taylor
Abraham Shelton's List
James Taylor
Robert Payne's List
Parmenas Taylor
List of George Carter
William Taylor

Will of William Clement
18 February 1760
In the Name of God Amen the eighteenth Day of February In the year of our Lord Christ One thousand seven hundred And sixty I William Clement Sen.or of the Parish of Raleigh In the County of Amelia Planter being sick & weak In body but in Perfect memory of mind thanks be given unto Almighty God therefore Calling to mind the mortality of my body & knowing that it is appointed for all Men once to die Do make and Ordain this to be my last will & Testament that is to say Princibly & first I give And Recommend my soul into the Hands of Almighty God That gave it & my body I recommend to the Earth to be buried at the discretion of my Excrs. not Doubting but at the general resurrection I shall receive the same again by the Almighty Power of God and as touching my Worldly Estate Wherewith it hath Pleased the Almighty God to bless me with in this life I Give & Demise & Dispose of the same in the same in the following manner & Form.
Item I give to my son Benjamin Clement Two Negroes to wit York & Bess all which I give to him & his Heirs Forever.
Item I give to my son Wm. Clement Caesar & Philis all which I give to him & his heirs for Ever.
Item I give to my son John Clement Two Negroes to wit Ned & Judy paying Twenty Pounds back to the Estate all which I give to him & his Heirs for Ever.
Item I give to my son Francis Clement Two Negroes to wit Jemboy & Hannah also the Land & Plantation & Mill where I now Do live containing three hundred Acres by Estimation to him & his Heirs forever. I also give to my son Francis Clement & his Heirs forever one Hundred & fifty Acres of Land which I bought of George Evins whereon the said George Evins Now do live the said Land being not yet Conveyed to me for which my will is that my Estate Pay the Remainder of the Purchase money & Desire that the said Evins convey the same by Deed to my son Francis Clement And that my Son Francis shall pay thirty Pounds to the Estate at the Death of my Wife.
Item I lend to my Daughter Elizabeth Ellyson Two Negroes to wit During her Natural life Gin & Davey & after her Decease I give Gin to Anne Ford Daughter of Hezekiah Ford Deceased & Davey to Hezekiah Ford Son of the said Hezekiah Deceased.
Item I lend to my Daughter Barshaba Major During her Natural Life Two Negroes to wit Peter & Sarah and Five Pounds Current Money & at the decease of the Bathsheba I Give the said Negroes & money to be Equally Divided Amongst all her Children.
Item I give to my Daughter Ann Pigg Two Negroes to wit Ben & Lucy all which I give to her & her Heirs for ever.
Item I lend to my Loving Wife Ann Clement During her Natural Life all my whole Estate as well the Part before Disposed of as the Part not already Disposed of & at her Decease my will is that the Land I bought of Wm. Ross and all my Estate not Given in Legacy be sold to the highest Bidders and Equally Divided Amongst my seven Children.
Item my will & Desire is that there be no appraisment nor no Inventory Returned to the Court.
Item I Constitute & Appoint my Son John Clement and my son Francis Clement my hole & Sole Exrs. of this my last will & Testament & I do hereby Disanul and Revoke & make Void all other Forms Wills and Testaments Legacys and Bequiffs by me any Ways before named Ratifiing and Confirming this and no Other to be my last Will and Testament.
In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my Hand and Seal the Day & year Above Ritten further my Will is that no account of mine stand against any of my Children.
Signed Sealed and Delivered
In Presence of William Clements
Thomas Tabb
Benajah Parker
Isaac Clement
David Wilson
At a Court held for Amelia County the 28th. Day of 1760. This Will was proved by the Oaths of Thomas Tabb Benaj.a Parker & Isaac Clement Witnesses thereto, sworn to by John & Francis Clements the Executors therein named and ordered to be recorded and on the Motion of the said Executors who entered into & Acknowledged Bond as the Law directs with Edmund Booker their Security Certificate was granted them for obtaining a Probat in due Form.
Test Griffin Peachy C C