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Rose, Small

My immedate is not so interested in our family, the closest i have found with interest is my Grandmothers neice,. as far as i know only a first cousin has even seen this site,. Karen is the only one i know so it seems i may have not given enough credit out where due,.  so Karen says it best below and from me , THANK YOU to all who had any part in my being able to share these web pages
Special Reguest:
   Debbie,  While I surely appreciate all of your praise, esteem &
commendation for my help with Lucinda & Greene Mayberry, PLEASE
remember that ALL YOUR MID-WEST COUSIN'S helped in researching our family
history.  We didn't do it by ourselves.  We had lots of help!  Mary,
Terry & I have spent hours in the Court House & Gene' Libraries at
Carrollton & Macoupin Co., IL.  Also all of the cemetery work.  Plus
over the years, we've talked to & been contacted by numerious
generations searching for family.  Since we all share information...
Any or all of us would have gladly given you what we have found  SO-O-O
far! We also like that the fact that we can share some of your family
history, as this keeps us up to date.  We sure enjoy your web-sites!
Almost all of Zadock's & Jacob's families have made it to California &
a few of us beyond that!  So...the next time you go giv'in credit
out..remember we ALL contributed!  :)

Name: Zadock BARNARD SR.
Sex: M
Birth: 28 Nov 1779 in Baltimore, MD
Occupation: Farmer
Religion: Babtist
Marriage 1 Molly Polly SHORT

Name: Molly Polly SHORT 
Marriage  Zadock BARNARD SR. b: 28 Nov 1779 in Baltimore, MD
Joshua C. BARNARD b: 14 Jan 1809 in Sumner, TN
Sarah BARNARD b: 1802 in Mitchelville, Sumner Co. TN
Zadock BARNARD JR. b: 27 Dec 1814 in Sumner, TN
Susannah BARNARD b: Abt 1802
Nancy BARNARD b: 22 Feb 1806 in Sumner, TN
Rebecca BARNARD b: in Sumner, TN
Mary Minerva BARNARD b: Abt 1818
Lucinda BARNARD b: 25 Sep 1821 in Sumner, TN
William Carroll BARNARD b: 14 Nov 1822 in Sumner, TN
Elizabeth Jane BARNARD b: 13 Jan 1826 in Sumner, TN
Elisha BARNARD b: Abt 1800

The dates and info came from My cousin Lynne ~Price~ Budke,. and Karen Barnard,. they had been in contact years go so they both had the same data,. The story's and thoughts come from Karen Barnard I leave them as she wrote them., she tells a good story.,
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Martha Matilda Mayberry, b. June 1861 in Greene County, Illinois, d. Feb 14, 1922 in St. Joseph, Buchanan County, Missouri. Married John Albert Price, Dec 5, 1880., in Shelby Co. Missouri.

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Lucinda Barnard b-25 Sept. 1821 Mitchelville, Sumner Co.,
Green V. Mayberry

Children of

~William Carroll Mayberry b. 1841 ILL
~ Jackson Mayberry b.1845 ILL.
~Nancy G. Mayberry b. 1848 ILL
~ Mahala Mayberry b. 1850 ILL
~Rachel Mayberry b.1852 d.1854.
~George M. Mayberry 1853 ILL
~James C. Mayberry b.1856 Ill. Mar. Laurie B. Gausney.
~~Martha Matilda Mayberry b.June 1862 ILL
~ Charles Green Mayberry 1865 ILL. Mar. Mary (Molly) F. Wallace.
~John Mayberry b.1868 ILL.
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parents of LUCINDA

children of Zadock and Polly Short Barnard :

~Susanah Barnard born 1802 married Joshua Hopper III, she died in 1854 in Greene Co., IL.
~Sarah Barnard born 1802 married Archibald Overby, she died in 1878 in Greeene Co., IL.
~Nancy Barnard born in 1805 married Anderson Ferguson, she died in 1855 in Greene Co., IL.
~Joshua J. Barnard born 1809, married Arcadia E. Handlin, he died in 1852 in Macoupin Co., IL.
~Zadock Barnard Jr. born 1814 married Lucinda Handlin, he died in 1893 in Douglas Co., MO.
~Rebecca Barnard born 1814 married John Maberry died in 1881 in Greene Co., IL.
~~Lucinda Barnard born 1821 married Greene Maberry, died in 1900 in Shelby Co., MO.
~Wm Carroll Barnard born 1822 married Lucinda Dean, he died in 1877 in Barton Co., MO.
~Elizabeth J. Barnard born 1826, married Wm. G. Maberry, died in 1863 in Greene Co., IL.

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The area where Zadock & Henry and their families homesteaded
in Greene Co. was the home of Chief BlackHawk and there are a fewIndian story's. It has been said that the Indian's didn't bother certain family's during the up-risings because they had received help from them and were friends. During one such up-rising, a mother hid her children in the oven, thinking that they would be safe there if the house was torched. As the government moved the Indians north & west @ 1870, our family's followed. Some of them were also married into family's that had Deacon's & Elder's in the Primative Baptist faith. Some of Zadock' & Polly's children married into the Catleberry's, Dean's and Handlin's. They moved with their church family's north to Hancock Co., IL. @ 1850
then west to Mo. & Ks.
~~Karen Barnard~~

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 Marriage Date:  Greene County     Illinois Marriage Records, 1851-1900

Lucinda Barnard – Green Mayberry   20 Aug 1840


1850 CENSUS                       1860 CENSUS                       1870 CENSUS                       1880 CENSUS (MO)

Greene – 30     TN                 Green – 41                             Green – 50    TN                    Green - 60

Lucinda – 29   TN                 Lucinda – 37                         Lucinda – 45  TN                  Lucinda - 55

William – 9      IL                  William C. – 19                   Nancy – 22    IL                  Matha or Mattie - 18

Jackson – 5      IL                  Andrew J. – 15                      Mahala – 19   IL                    Charles - 16

Nancy – 2        IL                  Nancy D. – 12                       G. W. – 17     IL                     John M. - 12

Mahala – 1mo  IL                 Mahala A. – 10                     J. C. - 14        IL

Mary Neale – 15  KY           George W. – 8                       Martha – 8     IL

                                                Jame C. – 5                            C. G. – 5        IL

                                                                                                J. M. – 2         IL

(1880 CENSUS)
Name Relation Marital Status Gender Race Age Birthplace Occupation Father's Birthplace Mother's Birthplace
Green MAYBERRY Self M Male W 60 TN Farmer GA GA
Lucinda MAYBERRY Wife M Female W 55 TN Keeping House TN TN
Mattie MAYBERRY Dau S Female W 18 IL At Home TN TN
Charles MAYBERRY Son S Male W 16 TN Farming TN TN
John M. MAYBERRY Son S Male W 12 TN TN TN
Source Information: Census Place Black Creek, Shelby, Missouri

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I am a retired Air Force nurse & live in Winchester, Scott Co.,
IL. Mary lives in Roodhouse, Greene Co., IL. Terry in White Hall,
Greene Co., IL. and his brother Donnie lives in Edwardsville, IL. All
four of us descend from Jacob Barnard's youngest son, Henry Barnard who
married Martha Ruyle.
We believe that Zadock & Jacob were brother's who married Short
sister's. The family's moved together, married into the same families
[ Short, Overby, Ferguson & Mayberry ], named their children alike and
witnessed legal forms. Zadock was one of the bond's on Jacob's
children  legal suit #5569 and brought three of Jacob's older children with him
when he moved to Greene Co., IL. in 1830.
On Greene V. Mayberry & Lucinda's marriage lic. there are slips of
paper stating that Greene's father was Orin Mayberry & Lucinda's father
was Zadock [ Zadok ]Barnard. Somewhere in my notes, I have Orin's wife
as Lucinda, but no maiden name. We have not been able to move back
from Sumner Co., Tn. although we did find Orin Mayberry in Rockingham Co.,
N.C. @ 1790.
E-Mail from Karen Barnard

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Zacob Barnard Bio (From Mary Hillman)

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Jacob Barnard Bio, brother of Zadoc

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`~POLLY SHORT~On the 1820 Sumner Co., Tn. Fed. Census Mary "Polly" Barnard was

On the 1830 Greene Co., IL. Fed. Census;
Zadock Barnard 50-60
Mary "Polly" 40-50
1 male 5-10, 1 male 10-15, & 2 males 20-30./ 2 females under 5, 2
females 5-10, 1 female 10-15, 2 females 15-20 & 2 females 20-30.
*Note..Next door;
Anderson Ferguson 20-30
Nancy [Barnard] wife 20-30 [Twin to Susannah b-22 Feb. 1806, d- 26 Dec.
1855.] [ Zadock & Polly's daughter ].
2 males 5-10 1 male 15-20/1 female under 5, 1 female 15-20.
Two door's down;
Archibald Overby 30-40
Sarah "Sally" Barnard 20-30 [ Zadock & Polly's daughter ] 1 male under
5, 1 male 5-10/2 females under 5 & 1 female 5-10.

On the 1840 Greene Co., IL Fed. Census;
Zadock Barnard Sr. 60-70
Mary "Polly" 50-60
1 male 15-20/1 female 10-15, 2 females 15-20 & 3 females 20-30.

Both Zadock & Mary "Polly" Barnard Sr. are missing from the 1850 Gr.
Co., IL. Fed. Census. and only Zadock Barnard Sr on the 1855 State
Census as head of H/H in Gr. Co., IL.

we don't know much about Mary "Polly" or Rutha [ Jacob's wife either]
except we suspect they were sister's. We know Isaac Short died in
Sumner Co., Tn. ? could have been their father. There were lots Short
family's in the same area where our family lived in Gr.
many they name a community & cemetery after them. That's one of the
problems..It's either feast or famine when it comes to our family. For
example; 13 Barnard's as H/H on the 1820 Sumner Co., Tn. Census. We're
sure they were related........?????
~Karen Barnard~

According to some of our family historians, the Barnard Castle was
offered to them, however they would have had to give up their
citizenship..& they said NO WAY! I see the Queen still goes there on

We have never found the death or burial information on Zadock or Polly Barnard Sr. There are other missing family members, but we have big problem with our cemetery's here and almost no early death records until after 1916. Besides the big blizzard of 1830, there was a Typhoid & Cholera epidemic that wiped out a lot of large family's. In some Twp's, people who had contagious disease's were not allowed to be buried in the they buried them on private property. We know  they were on the 1830-40 Fed. Census for Greene Co., missing on the 1850 & only Zadock listed as head of H/H on the 1855 Gr. Co., IL. State Census. Some of our Historical/Genealogical Society's read a lot of our early established cemetery's in 1980, however, a lot of them had already been abandoned or destroyed by vandals, farming & the rath of nature. These member's were older member's and they went out to read the cemetery's equiped with only a pad & pencil. If a stone was on the ground or didn't get read. With this thought in mind, Mary & I went out searching and became
flustrated with the general condition. If the cemetery was boarded, it got fairly good maintance otherwise stones were all over the place. After working 3-4 days, we discovered that without help, we'd be working the rest of our we got the idea of enlisting the Roodhouse Boot Camp to help. We suppied the equipment..they suppied the muscle. We worked right along side the inmates & guards. As we got a cemetery cleanned up...we read it & Mary put it on line with the Illinois
Cemetery Project. Last spring, the Gov. closed our Boot Camp, but it has been reopened as an intermediate prison. Mary & I have both had family medical we haven't done much work this year. We enjoyed the hobby & have @ 26 cemeteries reclaimed. The hardest part is to get someone to keep them clean and maintained.

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Though Zadock Barnard Sr. family 1st show's on the 1820 Sumner Co.,
Tn. with 10 children, he was also on the Tax list there in the early
1800's. He & Jacob were both on the 1820 census, Jacob with 7 children
& both 26-45 years old in agriculture. Zadock bought 640 acres of land
in Sumner Co., Tn. on 14 March 1803 from Bright Herring for $400. This
land was part of a land grant to Bright Herring by WIlliam Looney and
located near Mitchelville, Tn. on the Summers Branch of Drakes Creek. [
This land is about 1/2 mile from the KY/Tn. boarder ] Deed Book # 3,
Page 443-4. On 5 May 1804, Zadock sold 1/2 [ 320 acres ] to Jacob
Barnard for $200. Deed Book #3, Page 522. On 8 May 1830, Zadock
Barnard Sr. sold 265 Acres to Andrew Harper for $335. Deed Book #12,
Page 343. Zadock & his family appear on the Oct. 1830 Greene Co., IL.
census living in the Athensville Twp. with 13 children. Jacob
Barnard sold some of his land off before he died in 1821. We have
found any land sales for the time around his death in Nov.1821. We
surmise that Rutha, Jacob's wife & children lived on the remainder of
Zadock's land until they came to Greene Co., IL in @ 1835.

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One of our family historians said they went to Calhoun Co., IL.
find them there! In 1847, they sold all but 1.5 acres to their son's
Zadock Jr & WIlliam. About this time William married Lucinda Williams
Handlin and moved with her parents [ Prim. Bapt.] to Hancock Co., IL.
They lived near Elisha Barnard's son's Jacob & Andrew Jackson Barnard [
Whose father-in-laws were Prim. Bapt.] in Rough & Ready, IL. 1860-@ 70.
We thought maybe they went there...No records found! About 1870,
Zadock Barnard Jr & his family moved to Douglas Co., Mo. They moved
around quite a bit in Mo. living in Bates, Barton, Cass & Jasper Co's.
One of Zadock Jr's. Son, Joseph Burton Barnard lived in Kansas City.
sold real-estate & insurance. My Henry Barnard & his 2nd family moved
to in LaCgyne, Linn Co., Ks. @ 1865-7 which is right on the Mo./Ks
border. We often wonder if they visited each other.......
~~Karen Barnard~~

You asked about the spelling. We've found Barnard spelled a number
of ways from one census> another. We've found Bernard/ Barnett etc.
the same for Mayberry/Maberry/Mabry. Don Collins who wrote a book on
Maberry family Hx says there are 630 ways to spell it. I have asked
around this area, if there was a reason. Everyone says it's because of
the enumerators spelling & they don't want to bother changing it.
Same  thing for how it's pronounced. Maaayberry/Mabry We laugh here because
6  miles separate Ba'nard from Bar'nard. I was shopping at the Kroeger
Store in White Hall & told the clerk I was Terry's cousin. It's
Bar'nard there. She looked at me like I had two heads! My
grandfather, Henry Evan, who was a teacher said it was supposed to be
Welch/English... Ba'nard.
~~Karen Barnard~~

The Story of Elisha Barnard
Elisha Barnard was born @ 1800 and died @ 9 Aug. 1842 in Athensville,
Greene Co., IL. Who were his parents? We suspect that he was the son
of Zadock Barnard Sr. & his first wife [?]. He was listed on the 1840
Greene Co., IL. Federal census as Elisha Barnard Sr. 30-40. "Barnard
Lore" tells us that some of the early Barnard's in S. C./N. C. married
Cherokee women. They were dismissed from the Quaker Society because of
this. We know that this Elisha Barnard made at least two trips between
KY/TN > IL.@ 1828-36. We suspect that he was a wagon master.
One Bio. about Reuben C. Bradley, tells about him being the "Bond
Boy" since the age of 5-6 years old, driving the lead Ox team for Mr.
Barnard on a trip from Tn. > IL. @ 1836. This Elisha Barnard was on
1820 Sumner co., TN. Census, married, age 16-26, wife 16-26 & one male
under 10. He married Mahalia Maberry in 1831 in Greene Co., IL. &
returned to ?Ky/TN where their first two children were born [ James &
Oren ]. He died @ 9 Aug. 1842 & is listed as being buried in Jackson
Cemetery on the Scottville Road. [ No grave found .
Our Elisha Barnad [ listed as Elisha Barnard Jr. on the 1840 Greene
Co., IL. Census ] married his widow 15 Feb. 1843.
There was a Petitioned Probate Will dated Oct. Term 1849, brought by
"our" Elisha & John Armstrong. It mentions that Mahalia was the wodow
of this Elisha Barnard [Sr.] & the current wife of Elisha Barnard [Jr.]
& his heirs were William E. Barnard, Andrew Jackson Barnard, Jacob M.
Barnard, Martha, wife of Runey Campbell, James Barnard, Oren Barnard,
Nancy Barnard & ELizabeth Barnard, the last four being minors. Claims
of debt were $290. & land owned in Sec. 21, Twp. 12N, Range 10W, 3rd P.
M. containing Approx. 30 acres. We also found a WIll dated 5 Jan. 1841
which was actually a list of debts & credits proven & allowed 9 Aug.
1842. Land sale was on Jan. 1850 with settlements of debt.
[ Paper's on file at Carrollton Court House, Greene Co., IL. ]
Kathryn Barnard, wife of James Merle Barnard of Burbank, OK. & I
corresponded for 15-20 years. Her husband is a descendant of Andrew
Jackson & Margaret [Moody] Barnard. He looks Indian. Course black
hair, high cheek bones, nose & dark complexion. He staed that family
history was that ELisha Barnard Sr. was 1/2 Cherokee on his parents
& that his first wife was of Unchi Indian descent. Margaret Barnard &
one of her sons livied on an Oklahoma Indian Reservation in her later
years & died there. Here, I will mention that Margaret's father,
Spencer Moody was a Elder/Deacon n the Primative Baptist Church.
Jacob's M. Barnard's wife father also. Both of these families moved
from Tn. > Greene Co., IL. > Hancock Co., IL. All of them moved
west to Ks. & Ok @ 1870. We've found letters of transfer church to
Chidlren of Elisha Barnard & ?
1. William E. Barnard Birth & death uknown. May have been a
stagecoach driver. ?Killed during Civil War.
2. Andrew Jackson Barnard b-15 April 1818 Tn., d- 21 Feb. 1888
Chautauquah Springs, Ks.; married Margaret Moody 30 April 1848 Greene
Co., IL. Margaret b-15 Sept. 1833 Tn., d-5 June 1903; D/o Spencer &
Susannah Hendricks Moody; 13 known children.
3. Jacob M. Barnard b-@ 1820, d-?, married Martha Castleberry 25 Oct.
1849 Greene Co., IL. Went to Hancock Co., IL. @ 1850. 4 known
4. Martha Jane Barnard b- @ 1826 Tn., d- @ 1855 Gr. Co., IL., 1st
marriage to Andrew J. Taylor; 2nd marriage to Runey Campbell 31 July
1848. [ I don't know if this was "squinty eye" or "gimpy leg"
Children of Elisha Barnard Sr. & Mahalia Maberry;
1. James Barnard b- 3 Dec. 1832 Tn., married 1st to Mary Jane Rafferty
9 Sept. 1855, and 2nd to Mary Louise Day [ Nee Jones ] 6 June 1877.
children plus 2 step-children.
2. Oren Barnard b- @ 1834 Tn., died young in Greene Co., IL.
3. Nancy Barnard "Sukey" b-14 March 1837 Gr. Co., IL., d-Sept. 1876,
married Milton FIsher 30 Aug. 1855 Gr. Co., IL.
4. Elizabeth Barnard b-11 April 1839 Gr. Co., IL., d-18 Dec. 1893 Gr.
Co., IL., married William A. Sharp 9 Dec. 1859 Gr. Co., IL.
"Our" Elisha Barnard, S/o Jacob & Rutha [Short] Barnard, b-20 Jan.
1813 Tn. married the widowed Mahalia [Maberry] Barnard 15 Feb. 1843.
They had 9 known children; Henry Greene, Thomas Spencer, William
Randall, ELisha Carroll, Hiram Elvis, Mary Ellender, Mahalia Ann,
Harriett & Ermitta Alice.
Mahalia died 15 Dec. 1871 in Greene Co., IL. On 25 March 1872, This
Elisha married the widow of his brother [ Joshua Trail Barnard ]
Wade [ Finley ] Barnard. No issue. Elisha Barnard died 25 June 1878n&
is buried in the Athensville Cem.
Don't think we didn't have a fun time figuring out this one!
That's all for today!

Hi Debbie,
Don't know where to here goes.
All we know is what family story's have been told. We don't know
where Gertude Barnard came up with the information on Zadock Barnard
That he was born 28 Nov. 1779 Baltimore, Maryland & married Mary
Short in Memphis, Tn. 11 June 1801. Gertrude had said they came here
from Orchard Knob, Ky. It took us quite a while to find Zadock & Jacob
Barnard in Sumner Co., Tn. And that's where we hit the brick wall. I
think between the four of us [ cousin's ], we have every paper ever
generated in the Gallitin, Tn. Archives on Barnard's.
Here's some of our thoughts & arguments;
1. We feel that Zadock & Jacob Barnard were brother's because of the
land sale in Sumner Co., Tn. & Jacob's Law Suite & Estate Settlement.
Also that they all settld here in @ the same area near Athensville, IL.
The land sale records in Sumner Co., Tn. state that Zadock payed cash
hand for his land in if you figure that by the given date of
birth he was 22 years old when he got married to Polly & 24 years old
when he purchased the land....where did he get that much money? He
would have had to inherited it. Zadock starts clearing the land &
comes along the following year, 1804 & they divide the land & use the
remainder of their money to buy stock etc. The area in Sumner Co.
they settled was @ Mitchelville..which is rock & hilly. Mary's been
there. She said she doubted any crops could be raised, except for
garden produce or their own use to feed. Jacob's Estate sale had lot's
of sheep, hogs & horse's. It's close to the Barren's being @ 1/2 mile
from the Ky. boarder. [ Simpson Co., Ky. ] What happened to Jacob that
he died in 1821? Land records indicate that he was selling off small
parcells of land from 1818-21. There were several merchantile store
accounts in the Estate Settlement which lead us to believe that Jacob
was sick. Lot's of liquid iron, rum & whiskey. Did he have Malaria or
T.B.? Back in those was called comsumption [ T. B. ] and
families were wiped out. A lot of the early settler's to this area
within a few years from it & the blizzard of 1830. Thyphiod Fever &
Cholorea wiped out quite a few @ 1850.
2. There were 13 Barnard's as head of household's on the 1820 Sumner
Co., TN. Fed. Census. As far as we can tell, most of these came across
the Cumberland from the north/east. Were they related? Probably
cousin's. "Old" Elisha, Jacob & Luke were 45+ on that census. We've
been able to pin Old ELisha & Jacob's family down pretty good.
to popular belief, We don't think Elisha & Rebecca ?Bradley Barnard
their parents. There is no mention of a Zadock in the Will & their
Jacob was still alive when Elisha died in 1834/5. Also, from what
records we've been able to find, most of these Barnard's came from
Guilford Co., N.C., Rowan Co., N. C., Rockingham Co., N. C. or
Pittsylvania Co., Va.
3. Why did Zadock Barnard Sr. get married in Memphis, Tn.? Of course
we can't find any record of this marriage or Jacob's either. It
to us that Zadock's & Jacob's parent came from the south...?Georgia..?
What we've found so far....
1785...Pittsylvania Co., Va. Zadock Barnard with 7 white souls & 3 out
1800 Ogelthrpe Co., Ga. Zadock Barnard 10101/11101-01
1800 Rockingham Co., N.C.
[ Code; under 10, 10-16, 16-26, 26-45, 45+. ]
Phillip Maberry 2001/001
Amy Overby 10100/02110
Nick Overby 20100/00100
David Barnard 10010/31010
Owen Maberry 10100/10100
Judy Short 11100/11110
Moses Short 00001/00000
Arron Short 00100/0010
Moses Short Jr. 21010/20010
Philip Maberry 30010/00010
John Ferguson 21211/21201
Jacob Barnard 00101/01401
C. Maberry 12010/20010
Cornelius Maberry 00001/60001
William O. Short 12010/31010
Thomas Barnard 21201/421100

1820 Sumner Co., Tn. Fed. Census:
[ Code; under 10, 10-16, 16-18, 18-26, 26-45, 45+ ]
Elisha Barnard 100100/00100 [ This is Sr. on 1840 Greene Co., IL.

James T. Barnard 200010/10010 James married Margaret Abbott "Peggy" &
went to Alabama/Mississippi.

WIlliam Barnard 400010/20010 This one belongs to Old Elisha & Rebecca
Barnard. He married old Jacob's daughter Cassander.

Jacob Barnard 310110/11010 [ Our's]

David Barnard/Bernard 00100/000000. This one belongs to old Jacob,
son, married Pheobe Ferguson. Sister to Anderson, Greenbury & James

Jacob Barnard 100001/01011 ?David's father above.

David Barnard 010001/00101 ???

James Barnard 000100/00100 ? belongs to Old Elisha & Rebecca.

Elisha Barnard 01001/01001 ?old Elisha & Rebecca.

Luke Barnard Sr. 200001/00101 ??

Luke Barnard Jr. 200100/21010 ??

Zadock Barnard 200010/42210 "our's"

James Barnard 200010/11010 ? Elisha & Rebecca's.

Mayberry, Benjamin: 2 under 10, 1 26-45/2 under 10, 1 26-45.

Mabry, Seth: 2 18-26, 1 45+/ 1 45+

Mayberry, Benjamin: 45+/1 10-16, 1 45+.

Mayberry, Benjamin Jr.: 1 18-26/1 16-26.

Mayberry, John: 4 under 10, 1 10-16, 1 26-45/ 1 26-45.

Mabry, Oren: 2 under 10, 1 10-16, 1 26-45/3 under 10, 1 26-45.

Mabry, James: 1 under 10, 1 10-16, 1 26-45/ 1 26-45.

I will type 1830 Census later.
In 1783, a John Barnard listed as "Old" was outside of Freeland's
Station also known as "Dentris Lick" clearing brush with two other men
when they were surprised by Indians. The indian's killed them all, but
they cut off Barnard's head & ran off with it. This Fort/Station was
south/west of Nashville, Tn. A Walter Barnard claimed his father's
grant for clearing the land & some say that he [ John ] was the father
of the "Seven Barnard Brother's" who met after the Revol War at
Va. and went to different states. There are some researcher's who say
he had a Zadock & Jacob/Benjamin Barnard, but we haven't been able to
pin any of the dates down.
Well, that's about it. Now I will go back to your Indian records.
Your children are good look'in kids!
Will you get a Indian name? This is really exciting!!

Life might not be the party we hoped for, but while we're here.....We
might as well dance. >*;*<

 From "Barnard Lines", a news letter published by Bill & Fran Barnard. Spring 1981, "Seven Brothers" by Clyde O. Barnard.
From several sources come indisputabe evidence that seven brothers of the Barnard family met at Bristol, Va., at the close of the Rev. War & there seperated, each going to a different state. This could only have been as the states exist today.
They came from England to Worcester, Mass., through Pennsylvania and all met at Bristol, Va. [some people think at the home of their father]after the war was over. Their names were, John, Jonathan, Zadock, Ruben, Samuel, Joseph & either Jacob or Benjamin. Jonathan Barnard, b-1 Jan. 1760, enlisted in the Rev. War at Amesbury, Mass., May 1775. Re-enlisted at Cambridge, Mas. in 1776. met his brothers at Bristol, Va., then went to Ky. He married his wife, Obedience "Biddy" ?Barnett in Goochland Co., Va. in Nov. 1784. His 1st three children were born in Va., they were George W. Barnard, b-29 Dec. 1785, Elizabeth Barnard, b-20 Feb. 1788 & John Barnard, b- 14 Oct. 1791. Jonathon & family went to Hawkins Co., Tn. in 1798 to be near his brother John, who preceded him there in 1782. He followed his profession as school teacher until he went blind. He was still in Hawkins Co. in 1818 & in Clairborne Co. in 1820. In 1835, Jonathan had his Revol pension moved to Mercer Co., Ky., giving as reasons, "that his family & friends had moved off to the west & he could live cheaper in Ky." Jonathon died 16 Oct. 1835 in Mercer Co., Ky. His wife was living in Claiborne Co., Tn in 1846.....There is more to this article by Clyde Barnard, especially about George W. Barnard, his grgdfather who later settled in Chismville, Ark. @ Washburn Twp. along with other relatives who had moved there @ 1827.
On the Carroll Co., Tn. 1830 Census;
Barnard, Zedick 30-40, wife 30-40, 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 1 female under 5.
Barnard, Pleasant 30-40, wife 30-40, 1 male under 5, 1 male 10-15, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15.
On the Weakley Co., Tn. 1830 Census;
Bernard, Caleb 15-20, wife 15-20
Bernard, George 20-30, wife 20-30, 1 female under 5.
Bernard, Wm. 20-30, wife 15-20, 2 males under 5. Bernard, John 20-30, wife 20-30, 2 males under 5, 1 male 5-10, 2 females under 5, 1 female 5-10.
Bernard, John 50-60, 2 males 15-20.
On the Carroll Co., Tn. 1830 Census;
Barnard, Zadock 30-40, wife 30-40, 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10 2 males 10-15, 1 female under 5.
Barnard, Pleasant 30-40, wife 30-40, 1 male under 5, 1 male 10-15, 1 female 5-10, 2 females 10-15.
On the Roane Co., Tn. Census;
Barnard, Jonathon 40-50, wife 30-40, 1 male under 5, 2 males 5-10, 2 males 10-15, 1 male 15-20, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10, 1 female 15-20.
Barnard, Samuel 20-30, wife 20-30, 1 male under 5, 1 male 5-10, 1 female under 5, 1 female 5-10.
On the Hawkins Co., Tn. !830 Census;
Bernard, John 20-30, wife 15-20, 1 female under 5.
Bernard, Lewis 20-30, wife 20-30, 3 females under 5, 1 female 5-10.
Bernard, Reuben 60-70, 1 male 10-15, 1 male 20-30, 1 female under 5, 1 female 15-20, 2 females 20-30, 1 female 40-50.
Bernard, Zadock 20-30, wife 20-30, 1 female under 5.
In east Tn. 1830 Census; Robertson Co., Tn. Wm. S. Barnard family, Valentine W. Barnard family 7 John Barnard family. In Sumner Co., Tn. there were 8 Barnard's as head of household. There were a lot of Carroll's named after the Co. & Gov. Wm Carroll. Most of them were Baptist. A lot of them moved westward lead by Chief John Jolly & Elisha Barnard. There has always been family stories about Cheokee indian marriages.
Hope this helps... Karen

~~Karen Barnard descent:~~

Generation #1

Jacob Barnard b- @ 1790, d-@27 Nov. 1821. WIfe, Rutha Short b- @ 1790,

d- after 1840 Gr. Co., IL. Known children; John, Elizabeth, Margaret,

Elisha, Joshua T. & HENRY

Genration #2

HENRY Barnard b-8 May 1818/9 Tn., d- 19 April 1887 Lacgyne, Linn Co.,

Ks., Married 1st Martha Ruyle 14 June 1841 Gr. Co., IL. 2nd marriage to

Frances Arnold Hill,[ widow of Robert Hill] 1848. Henry & Martha had 4

children, JOHN ELVIS, Mary, Rutha Jane & Minerva. Henry & Frances had

6 children plus 3 by her marriage to Robert.

3rd Generation

JOHN ELVIS Barnard b-7 June 1841 [ Woods Colt ], d-25 Oct. 1917,


Millicent Evaline Hopper 14 April 1864.

HENRY EVAN Barnard b-20 May 1868, d-24 Nov.1936, married Anna Lydia

Anderson 9 Aug. 1897.

4th Generation

CHARLES EDWIN Barnard b- 25 Feb. 1901, d-10 Dec. 1973, married Mabel

Ester Flynn 12 July 1928. 3 children; Wanda Lee Barnard b- 1931, Karen

Ann b- 1938, & Charles Robert b- 1943.

This gives you a brief outline of our family. I'll check with

Terry and see where he has our family tree posted.


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