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Dunster Castle dominates a steep hill overlooking the picturesque village of Dunster. The hill has been fortified since Saxon times, although nothing now remains of these early defences. During the early medieval period the sea reached the base of the hill offering a natural defence, and strong walls, towers, ramparts and outworks protected the other sides.

32~ Robert Beauchamp ~ Alice de Mohun
33~*Reynold (Reginald) II de Mohun ~ *Hawise FitzGeoffrey
34~*Reynold (Reginald) I de Mohun ~ *Alice de Briwere
35~ *William IV de Mohun ~ Lucy
36~*William de Mohun ~ *Godeheut de Toeni
37~*William de Mohun ~ *Agnes de Gaunt (de Gant de Gand)
38~William de Mohun b: ABT 1045
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Name: *William de Mohun
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1045 in Moyon, St Lo, Cotentin, Normandy, France
Death: in Dunster, Williton, Somerset, England
Note: One of the companions in arms of the Conqueror, who is stated to have no less than 47 stout knights of name and note in his retinue at the Battle of Hastings. Sheriff of Somerset in 1084. Obtained the Castle Dunster with 55 manors in Somerset.

WILLIAM DE MOION, whose parentage is unknown, appears to have been seigneur of Moion or Moyon, near St. Lô in the Cotentin. He came to England in or after 1066, and was granted large estates in the west confiscated from various Englishmen. In
1084 he was sheriff of Somerset, and he was still, or again, in office in 1086; when he held more than 50 manors in Somerset, 11 in Dorset, 1 in Devon and 1 in Wilts. He built a castle at Dunster (Somerset), which was the caput of his barony.
In Normandy he probably held the lands subsequently in the hands of his successor. He was a benefactor to Bath Abbey (1090-1100). He married Alice, whose parentage is unknown, and who was living in 1090. The dates of death of William and Alice
are not known. [Complete Peerage XII/1:36-7, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]

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Name: *William de Mohun
Sex: M
William de Mohun, adult by 1131, d. in or before 1155, Earl of Somerset, held barony of Dunster, Somerset, son of Sir William de Mohun, d. after 1190, lord of Dunster, Somerset, Sheriff of Somerset 1084 & 1086, by his wife Adeliz. [Ancestral
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WILLIAM DE MOION, LORD OF DUNSTER, was heir of William DE MOION abovenamed, but his exact relationship is uncertain. In 1131 he was at the Council of Northampton. Before the death of Henry I he held more than 30 knight's fees. In 1138 he held
Dunster Castle for the Empress Maud. From this stronghold he committed such ravages on the countryside that King Stephen marched against him in force; but finding Dunster Castle impregnable he left a blockading force under Henry de Tracy, who
is said to have curbed William's depredations. In 1141 he joined the Empress and was almost certainly at Winchester when she was elected Queen of England on 8 April. Probably soon afterwards, and certainly before 24 June 1141, Maud created him
EARL OF SOMERSET. He was with her at Westminster, about 20-24 June, and fled with her to Winchester, where he fought for her during the siege (August-September). His subsequent career is obscure. He founded a priory at Bruton (Somerset),
possibly in or soon after 1142; and he was a benefactor to the priories of Bridlington and (possibly) Taunton. He married Agnes, daughter of Walter DE GANT. He d. probably in or before 1155. Stephen did not recognise his Earldom, and as Henry
II did not grant a new charter to William or his son, the Earldom of Somerset (so far as it existed) lapsed at or before his death. [Complete Peerage XII/1:37-9
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Name: *William de Mohun
Title: Baron
Sex: M
Birth: BEF 1121 in Dunster, Williton, Somerset, England
WILLIAM DE MOHUN, 2nd but 1st surviving son and heir. He comes into notice first circa 1142, when he attested his father's charter to Bruton. The Empress Maud's grant of an earldom to his father apparently was not recognised by Stephen, for

William is never styled Earl. He was a benefactor to his father's foundation at Bruton and confirmed the gifts of his father and grandfather to Bath. He married Godehold, sometimes called Godeheut. He died in 1176. His widow appears to have

been dead in 1186. [Complete Peerage IX:18

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Name: *William IV de Mohun
Sex: M
Birth: BEF 1176 in Eng
WILLIAM DE MOHUN, son and heir, was a minor at his father's death and in ward to the King. For his maintenance the sum of £18 was allowed for eighteen months, presumably until he came of age, for he had livery of his lands in 1177. He was a
benfactor of Bruton, and confirmed the gifts of his father and grandfather, and granted the tithe of certain of his mills in Normandy to the abbey of the Holy Trinity of La Luzerne. He apparently went to Jerusalem on pilgrimage. He married
Lucy. He died in October 1193, possibly abroad. His widow had for dower seven of his fees in England. [Complete Peerage IX:19
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Name: *Reynold (Reginald) I de Mohun
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1183 in Dunster, Williton, Somerset, England
Death: 1213
Name: *Alice de Briwere
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1184 in Dunster,Eng
Father: *William de Briwere b: ABT 1145 in Stoke,Eng
Mother: *Beatrice de Vaux b: 1149 in Gilsland, Irthington, Cumberland, England
REYNOLD DE MOHUN, presumably younger and only surviving son and apparently heir, his brother William probably having died v.p. He had livery of the greater part of his inheritance in 1204, but in that year, on the loss of Normandy, by adhering
to John, he lost his estates there. He took a prominent part in the invasion of France in 1206, and accompanied King John to Ireland in 1210. He married Alice, daughter of Sir William BRIWERE, and (in 1233) coheir of her brother WiIliam Briwere
the younger. He died in 1213. His widow married William PAYNEL, of Bampton, Devon, who died in 1228. [Complete Peerage IX:19
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Name: *Reynold (Reginald) II de Mohun
Title: Sir
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1206 in Dunster,Williton, Somerset, Eng
Death: 12 JAN 1257/1258
Name: *Hawise FitzGeoffrey
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1206 in Streatley, Berkshire, England
Note: Hawise, daughter of Geoffrey Fitz Piers, Earl of Essex, by his (2) wife, Aveline de Clare (Hawise received as her maritagium the manor of Streatley, Berkshire from her half-brother, William de Mandeville, Earl of Essex). [Ancestral Roots]
Father: *Geoffrey FitzPiers b: ABT 1162 in Walden,Eng
Mother: *Eveline (Aveline) de Clare b: ABT 1172 in Hereford,Eng
Reginald de Mohun, in minority at the decease of his father in 1213, was given in wardship to Henry Fitz-Count, son of the Earl of Cornwall. In the 26th Henry III [1242] this Reginald was constituted chief justice of all the forests south of
Trent, and, in some years afterwards, governor of Saubeye Castle in Leicestershire. In the 41st of the same reign [1247], he had a military summons to march against the Welsh. He m. 1st, Hawise, sister of Humphrey de Bohun, Earl of Hereford,
and had a son, John, his successor. He m. 2ndly, Isabel, dau. of William de Ferrers, Earl of Derby (and co-heir of Sibilla, her mother, sister and co-heir of Anselm Marshal, last Earl of Pembroke, of that family), by whom he had a son, William.
Reginald Mohun d. in 1256, and was s. by his elder son, John de Mohun. [Sir Bernard Burke, Dormant and Extinct Peerages, Burke's Peerage, Ltd., London, 1883, p. 369, Mohun, Barons Mohun]
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Name: *Alice de Mohun
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1227 in Dunster, Williton,Somerset,Eng
Name: *Robert Beauchamp
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1215 in Hatch,Somerset,Eng
Death: ABT 1263 in Ryme Intrinseca, Sherborne, Dorsetshire, England
Of the feudal lord, Robert de Beauchamp, nothing is known beyond his being engaged against the Welsh with Henry III, and his founding the priory of Frithelstoke, in the co. Devon. He was yet living in 1257, and was s. by his son, John de
Beauchamp. [Sir Bernard Burke, Dormant and Extinct Peerages, Burke's Peerage, Ltd., London, 1883, p. 33, Beauchamp, Barons Beauchamp, of Hache, in the co. Somerset]
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