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~~All that is essential for the triumph of evil is that good people do nothing~~

Rose, Small
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Mary E. Storms - George Iseminger
Johan Daniel Sturm -Anna Maria Stemple
Johan VandelL Sturm - Christina M. Ebbert**
Christian Strum - Anna Barbara Gah**
Johan Peter Strum - Anna Barbara ?
Sebastian Sturm - Maria Barbara Gloss

No, 27 Martin Kiefor to Martin Hileman

To all People to whom these presents shall come, I, Martin Keefor of Turkey foot Township Bedford County formerly now Somerset County in the commonwealth of Penn¬sylvania yeoman, doth Send Greetings. Whereas the Honorable the Supreme Executive of Said commonwealth by Warrant bearing date the Sixteenth day of February, Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and eighty six, did grant unto me to be Surveyed the quantity of two hundred acres of Land, Situate in the Township County and com¬monwealth aforesaid, and laying on both sides of Braddock's old road adjoining lands of George Turney Michael Keefer, 'Daniel Storms, George Isaminger, and others,
as reference being had to the said Warrant remaining in the Surveyor generals' office at Philadelphia will more fully appear. Now know ye, that I the said Martin Keefer for and in condideration of the Sum of two hundred pounds current money. of said commonwealth to me in hand well and truly paid by Martin Hileman of Baltimore County, in the State of Maryland farmer, the receipt whereof I do hereby acknowledge and myself fully satisfied, Do grant, bargain, sell, and by these Hath granted, bargained, Sold, released and confirmed unto the said Martin Hileman, his heirs, executors, administrators or assigns, all my estate, Right, title, claim, Interest, property and demand of in and to the above described Warrant and land, as above described, together with all and singular the rights, members and appurtances thereunto belonging or of right should belong unto the said Martin Hileman, his heirs, Executors, Administrators or Assigns for ever. In Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and Seal this fifth day of October Anno Domini one thousand seven hundred and ninety five. (The words the & by Interlined before Signing)

Signed, Sealed and delivered . . his
In the presence of ' Martin Kever (S.S.)
Jacob Hartzel ... .Charls _ mark
Somerset county ss. Personally came Martin Keever before me one of the Justices, of the peace and for the said county of Somerset, and acknowledged this within Deed ____ to be his Vallentarry Act and Deed and desired that the same might be recorded for as Such, acknowledged on the fifth day of October in the year 1795 - before me.
, Jacob Hartzel (S.S.)
Recordied , 21st, December 1795 DO J osiah, Espy Recorder .

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Sebastian Sturm b. cir 1610 Germany, d. 1644-1701 in Germany.
 Maria Barbara Gloss 1626-1658 b. 1619. Germany, d.1644-1705 Germany

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~ Johan Peter Sturm was b. cir 1641 in Schifferstadt, Germany,  dOctober 12, 1709 , Schifferstadt, Germany. 
 Anna Barbara ? cir. 1657-1687 in Schifferstadt, Germany. b. cir.1641 and d.March 17, 1720 Germany.

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Christian  Sturm b. 1662 in Schifferstadt, Germany,  d. August 09, 1734 in Schifferstadt, ,.
 married Anna  Barbara Gah, May 10, 1695 in Schifferstadt, . b. cir. 1675 in Planckstatt, Germany, and d. cir. 1724-1770 in Schifferstadt, Germany.

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Johann Vandell Sturm  b. in Mar 1709 in Schifferstadt, Germany. christened on 28 Mar 1709 in Schifferstadt, He died before 18 Oct 1796 in , Frederick Co, Maryland. 
Christina Margaretha Ebbert on 17 Nov 1732 in Schifferstadt, Germany.

Christina Margaretha Ebbert was born in 1715.buried on 8 May 1745 , Germany. 
~ Anna Elisabetha Sturm , christened  3 Dec 1733 in Schifferstadt, Germany
~**Johann Daniel Sturm
~ Leonhardt Sturm
~Jacob Sturm christened  5 Aug 1741 in Schifferstadt,, Germany.
~Anna Maria Sturm  christened  2 May 1745 in Schifferstadt, Germany.

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Johann Daniel STURM was christened in 1735 in Schifferstadt, Germany. He married Ann Maria STEMPLE on 7 Apr 1761.
Ann Maria STEMPLE.Ann married Johann Daniel STURM on 7 Apr 1761.


Daniel Storms


Daniel Storms Will is one of the few that were not destroyed in the fires of the courthouse.               -

It was probated Feb 6. 1804.               .                         ,       ,

Names his partner. Peter Helmick

Names sons. Jacob and Daniel

names daus. Eva. Vliana. Elizabeth. Christina and Catherina

Executors arc Harman Vantrees and Emanuel Vantrees.  Witnesses Dennis Clark and Andrew Shirk


Soon after Peter Helmick begans to sell property to Daniel and Jacob.     

__________________________'______________FFred. Co.. Land Rec.  WR9:540

4 Dec 1790.  Daniel Storm of Bedford Co.. PA appoints "my beloved brother Leonard Storm of Fred. County MD power of attorney

to ask. demand, sue for and recover all or whatever is or shall be left to me by my father John Vandell Storm." Signed 16 Nov. 1790.

Evangelical Reformed Church Records 1746-1800 Family Lin Pub

7 Apr 1761

Anna Maria Stemple to Daniel Storm


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MARY E. STORM,. b. Feb 12, 1771;,. d. Sept 9, 1841:,.was buried Sept 13, 1841 at Mt. Salem Cemetery, in Perrytownship, Indiana,. married GEORGE ISEMINGER

~*JACOB ISEMINGER,.b. Feb 12, 1800;-Hamilton Co, Ohio d. Nov 14 !879;- Laport Co, Westville IN,. married 1. Nancy Rogers 2. ELIZABETH GRAYBEAL
~CATHERINE ISEMINGER,. b. cir. 1790-Morgantown Co Butler Ohio;,.spouse~Joseph Drybread,. b.1768-Morgantown Co Butler Ohio
~GEORGE ISEMINGER,. b. Apr 1, 1792;,.Somerset PA
spouse, Sarah Farmer,b. cir.1797-New Jersey
~ELIZABETH ISEMINGER, b.cir.1793-Somerset PA
~MARY ISEMINGER, b.cir 1794- Somerset, PA
~DANIEL ISEMINGER,.b. Apr 18, 1795,-Somerset PA
spouse,.Susan Rubbil,. b. 1805-Monroe Co, Bloomington IN
~CHRISTINA ISEMINGER, b. May 17, 1796-Somerset PA
spouse, John Hamman, b. Jan 9, 1791-Wilkes GA
~POLLY MARY ISEMINGER, b,cir.1798-Morgantown Co Bulter Ohio
~MARGARET ISEMINGER, b.cir.1804-Hamilton Co, Ohio
~JOHN ISEMINGER, b. Feb 26, 1808-Morgantown Co, Bulter Ohio,. spouse, Elizabeth Jolliff, b. 1812,-Morgantown Co,Bulter Ohio
~JULIA ISEMINGER, b. cir 1811, Hamilton Co,Ohio
~ADAM ISEMINGER, b. Nov 23, 1814, Hamilton Co,Ohio
spouse Christina Graybeal b. Mar 11, 1818 VA

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Schifferatadt town hall
Click on picture for link

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~George 1766~ He was listed as a wheelright in Frederick Co. MD.  Born same place, Married Mary Storm, a neighbors daughter., Their first 2 or 3 children born in Frederick Co. MD. before emigrating to Hamilton Co. Cincinnati. Ohio in 1789And what a trip that must of been, overland by wagon to a place of embankation on either the monongahala or ohio river, then down the ohio river by some sort of water craft to a landing in Hamilton Co, Ohio,. Balance of children from here , which includes our Jacob. George was also listed in Hamilton Co. as a wheelright. In 1817 George and family left Hamilton Co, for monroe Co, Ind., In Monroe Co. he owned land and operated a grist mill. George and Mary buried somewhere in Monroe County Ind
copied from a letter written by George W. Iseminger,. a descendant of Jacob and Nancy Rogers  (Jacobs 1st, wife,.) 

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As the flow of German families increased, many settled in the southern Pennsylvania counties of York and Adams. others continued south in Frederick County, Maryland. The town of Frederick was originally established by the English, Scotch, and Irish, and was named Fredrickstown. When the influx of Germans took place, they were looked upon with some disdain by the early settlers. The German girls became house servants, and the men performed the heavier and more lowly tasks in the community. This resulted in the newcomers keeping to themselves and holding to their old world traditions. This was particularly so of their social customs, their manner of celebrating the holidays such as Christmas, and in clinging to their old religions. As a result, Germans largely married Germans.

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STORM/STURM genealogy page

Schifferstadt Architectural Museum, Frederick, Maryland

About one hour north of our nation’s capital, in Frederick, Maryland, stands one of the few authentic German-American artifacts on the east coast. The 1756 stone manor house known as the Schifferstadt Architectural Museum represents one of the finest remaining examples of German colonial architecture in America.

The oldest house in Frederick holds the story of a German family who brought their country’s traditions with them when they immigrated to Philadelphia in 1729. By 1744 Joseph Brunner had purchased 303 acres in Maryland for a mere 10 pounds and with the help of his son, built what is now a priceless landmark. The house, constructed using German techniques and materials, was named the Schifferstadt after their family home near Mannheim, Germany.

Today, the Frederick County Landmarks Foundation, Inc., has preserved the monument and celebrates its German heritage with annual festivals and events. Open-hearth cooking of authentic foods honors the most distinguished artifact of the house: a beautifully preserved five-plate iron stove dated 1756 sits proudly in its original location. A message inscribed above it in German meaning, “where your treasure is, there is your heart,” creates a personal link to the hearts of the family that were warmed by its fire.

The two-and-a-half foot thick sandstone walls, familiar to Germans, made it easier to survive the winter months. A vaulted cellar for provisions, a kitchen fireplace hearth large enough to stand in, and a convenient dry sink—a large stone basin placed in a windowsill used to discard water from indoors—are all examples of the protective winter construction. The roof’s kick-up, the vaulted chimneys, and exposed half-timbering are also important in studying not simply Pennsylvania culture in Maryland but the general mix of northern American construction with German authenticity.

In the spring and summer beautiful gardens surrounding the house bloom with the herbs and vegetables that the Brunner family once grew. Through community volunteer efforts the garden design by historian Lee Stoltzfus, thrives with rose bushes more than 100 years old. Private tours of the 18th-century garden are available, and all are welcome to the Schifferstadt Garden and Hospitality Center.

Tours of the house are also available, and people from miles around come to annual special events at the Museum. Costumed actors entertain their guests from afar with music and dancing, and get families involved in German holiday traditions such as Scherenschnitte, or paper-cutting. At Christmastime these three-dimensional paper-snowflakes are put on a tree that hangs up-side-down from the ceiling meant to keep mice from eating candy adorning it. The Museum’s Oktoberfest celebration brings more than 10,000 visitors to the site that is lined with tents offering all types of German cuisine and crafts.

The Schifferstadt Architectural Museum features a Frühlings-Fest the first weekend in April, Oktoberfest the third weekend in October, and a Christmas Craft show the fourth weekend in November. It closes each year from December 15 to March 31. The Museum can be reached at 1110 Rosemont Avenue, Frederick, MD 21701; Tel.: (301) 663–3885.

—Kristin Knott

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