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Rose, Small

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There are alot of SKIPPERS out there,.  Our ancestors sure did like certain names,  gets confusing sometimes,.  This page is for the SKIPPERS who are not in my direct line,.  Please share with everyone your direct line to GEORGE  Chiefmen of the Nottoways,  or back as far as you know,.  I would llike to add the family stories of those members.  Please no dates or personal info on the living,.  unless its yours and you give me permission. 
 e-mail to   or you can leave it in the guest book,.  Thanks,  Deborah

Rose, Small

I come across alot of good stories about other family members that i've added here

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Udie Crenshaw Davis

George Skipper Sr.~ Mary Bailey
George Skipper Jr. ~ ?
Barnabas Skipper SR ~ unknown Quick
Barnabas Skipper JR .~ Temperance ?
Sion Skipper ~ Mary Gains
Barney (Barnabas) Skipper ~ Amanda ?
John Wesley Skipper ~ Martha Jane Madision
Eugene Franklin Skipper ~Effie Thomas
Mamie Skipper born in 1914 (my mother)
Me - Udie Crenshaw-Davis

Barnabas.  Born in SC, Died in Butler Co., Al. 
 He was married to Temperance
Last Name Unknown.  Served in War of 1812,
Skipper, Barnabus  NC BRUNSWICK CO.   316 1830 NC Census         Skepper, Barney SC Marlboro Co. 1820 100110-30010

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Donna Skipper Pultz

George Jr. - Benjamin -   ( brother to Barnabus)  

Rose, Small

Son of Barnabus Sr.  (mine)
 Barnabas Skipper,his son, was living in NC, SC during this time period. He married his wife, Temperance, in about 1810,
Barnabas Skipper born about 1780 in SC, married to Temperance(unknown)born abt. 1787 in SC. They were in TN in or about 1825 and in AL by 1834 when land was patented. Barnabas and Temperance were the parents of 9 children, some born in SC, and others in TN. They were Wesley,Sion,Silas,Barney B.,Martha, Temperance, Rebecca, Nancy, and Elizabeth.

War of 1812
Gasque's Battalion SC Militia
Skipper, Barnabas, Private
Skipper, Benjamin, Private
Skipper, John, Private
Skipper, Peter, Private

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Andrew Skipper

This is where me and Andrew connect.


331A  5   Skipper        S.               37    SC       Silas,  son of Arthur        

331A  6   Skipper        Ann              36    SC               

331A  7   Skipper        Jas              18    TN                James

331A  8   Skipper        Thos             17    TN                Thomas

331A  9   Skipper        Jarres           15    TN                Jeremiah

331A  10  Skipper        L. A.            12    TN                Lucy

331A  11  Skipper        S. S.            11    TN                Sarah

331A  12  Skipper        D. E.            9     TN               

331A  13  Skipper        W. H.            6     TN               

331A  14  Skipper        B. A.            4     TN         Benjamin   (Deborahs)  

331A  15  Skipper        M. V.            3     TN               

James A. Skipper was Silas' oldest child.  He is my ancestor.  Here is my line...
Jack Andrew Skipper (me)-born 1958
James Frederick Skipper (my dad)-1927-1994
James Vernon Skipper-1901-1949
William Thomas Skipper-1873-1933
James A. Skipper-1842-1925
Silas Skipper-1822-1880+
Arthur Skipper and Nancy Odom
Silas Skipper
Barnabus Skipper
George Skipper               I finished the line,.Deborah
James A. Skipper became a well respected member of his community in Gibson County, Tennessee.  He was recognised as a successful farmer and a member of the local school board.  He was supposed to be buried in the Oldfield Cemetery (now Floyd's Chapel) in Crockett County, Tennessee, but I have looked around the cemetery and have not found him nor is he listed on the cemetery list.  He died from tuberculosis and was buried the very same day according to the death certificate.  It makes me wonder if he was buried quickly to prevent anyone contracting tuberculosis which was feared in those days.  He was probably not embalmed.  The whereabouts of his last remains are a mystery.  To see some information on James you can go to the following website and just do a search for Skipper.

As you know, Silas married Sofrana Hoge in 1865 after his first wife, Anne, died.  Silas is listed as having taking part in the Civil War as a confederate soldier.  Sometime after 1865 Silas and his new wife and family, as well as some of his previous family, moved to Cotton Plant, Dunklin County, Missouri.  I don't know what happened to him after that.  His son James A. stayed behind of course.


This little village, in the Eight District, is the seat of a splendid school, known as the Neboville High School. This school has more than a local reputation as an educational institution. In addition to the prescribed State curriculum, the full course of study embraces the higher branches of learning, so that pupilsare given the benefit of a thorough academic course. The very best instructors are provided, and the school is fully equipped and systematized for imparting an education. Boarding pupils are provided for, so that an education may be obtained at the institution at very moderate cost. The school is under the management of a board of education.This board is composed of the following gentlemen: Dr. A. E. Turner, secretary; A. H. Sanford, J. T. Carlton, H. Banks, N. C. Corley, R. Q. Scott, J. A. Skipper, and J. C. Carlton. The first three of these are the school directors of the district, who act in conjunction with the others in the control of the Neboville High School.


GRADY        Nancy H.                 SKIPPER         James                      1863

G= Listings
Transcribed by Jackie Isbell Johnston <>


Gibson County TN Federal Census 1870,           Civil District No. 4

enumerated   3 August 1870 by B G Stetwell                 pg. 256 b

P.O., Quincy

                                                  Value of

House                                             Property   Birth

Nbr. Names of Household   Age Sex Col  Profession Real Pers  Location

19   Skipper, James    ……    27. ….. M….   W….   farmer       300    ….. TN

      Skipper, Nancy       ……. 28….  F……...   W.   k house          ….        TN

     Skipper, Jessie  …….      3  …..M  ……... W   at home           ……       TN

     Skipper, Della        …… 2…..  F ………..…  W   at home      …...          TN

     Grady, Ann          ……..  16 …. F  ………. W   at home        …….          TN

     Skipper, Lucy        ….. 21 ….. F   ………..W   at home          ………        TN

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Jim Herring

Jean Herring is Believed to be the sister of George Skipper Jr. 

 I descend from DAVID and JEAN (SKIPPER) HERRING b 1670s. They lived circa 1700-1735 on Potecasy Percosson apparently near Nottoway Indian Tribe with whom Jean's father GEORGE SKIPPER was closely associated. They had sons ROBERT, JOHN, THOMAS, and WILLIAM JAMES HERRING, believed to be named for a WILLIAM JAMES of the area. Am very interested in Potecasy locale and its first residents. Jim Herring, Jackson MS.

My 4th great grandpa WM. JAS. HERRING would have grown up with his first cousin BARNABY SKIPPER at Potecasi, and settled ca. 1753 near the east bank of the Big Pee Dee River south of the Pee Dee Indians, west of Marion SC.   Jim

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Joy Cornwell Skipper

John H. Skipper 1831 NC
William Sanford Skipper 1886 Charlotte, Mecklenburg Co., NC
Otis Sanford Skipper 1917     Charlotte, NC
Joy Ellen Skipper 1942  Charleston, SC
Margaret Wilson Lowe my daughter 1963 Winston-Salem, NC
and then her 2 children.

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Susan Skipper

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Elizabeth Skipper Quick

daughter of BARNABUS

Elizabeth QUICK of Marlborough Co. gives deposition in Civil Action Case

1786 October 4. State of South Carolina. Marlborough County. The Examination of Elizabeth Quick taken on oath before me, deposeth on her said oath, that on or about the Month of Feb’y in the year 1784 her husband, Solomon Quick, sent her to Barnabas Skipper’s for Abraham Odom’s horse and that she went accordingly, and told the said Barnabas that she was come for Abraham Odom’s horse that he had. The said Barnabas then asked her where said Odom was, she answered him that he was at her husband’s house the last night. He the said Barnabas then said to her tell Mr. Odom to come for his horse himself ...of recovering to bargain and make him satisfaction for his trouble, or put another horse in his room as he was to do according to bargain and so did not deliver her the said horse, and further this deponent sayeth not. [signed] Geo...

Civil Action Papers - 1785-1786 - CR.082.325.2

Capias Writ issued against Solomon Quick et al as follows:

"No Carolina

Richmon County this day George Cole complains to me on oath that on or near november last he lost a certain boar stag which he has cause to believe and doth believe that John Scipper Wm Scipper & Solomon Quick in partenership stole the sd hog and also says that he also that he believes he can make apear by good witness that the sd John Scipper wm Scipper and Solomon Quick has undoufully taken hogs from other people these are therefore to command you to take the bodys of the above named sd John Scipper Wm Scipper Sollomon Quick and have them or any one of them before some justice for sd County to [next part obscured in my copy] to any Lawful officer

D Henagan

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Rachel Skipper Wallace

Daughter of BARNABUS
"The Deposition of Rachel Wallace.
Rachel Wallace being duly sworn declares that above 3 or 4 weeks ago she
went with her brother Needham Skipper to her father Barnaby Skipper's corn
crib & she saw the Head of a Hog that the said Head was marked with a hole
in each Ear & that she thinks the Ears were fresh marked by the Slopes,
Some after this Willm Skipper came who was mad & broke out in a passion &
said Damn or curse the fool who put the head there & said he did not put it
there, that she heard her brother Needham then say, that was the head which
Solomon & John said they had eat, by which this Deponent thinks the said
Needham intended to signify Solomon
Quick and John Skipper.
Sworn the 7th Jany 1793.
Before Hy Wm Harrington"

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Patience Skipper Rye
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Daughter of Barnabus

Patience Rye, wife of Robert Rye, who was accused of assaulting her in RIchmond County, 1801.


Robert RYE of Marlborough Co. gives deposition in Civil Action Case

1786 Sept. 26. South Carolina. Marlborough County. The deposition of Robert Rye who personally appeared before me, Claudius Pegues, one of the Justices for the County aforesaid, and being duly sworn declares that some time in the year 1781 he, in company with William Jordon and others, came to the house of Joseph Hall and that the said Jordon borrowed a horse from the said Hall which he believes to be the property of the said Hall and that the said Jordon promised to return the said horse the next day if he was not defeated by the Tories, and that the said Jordon did bring back the said horse and that the said Jordon acquainted the said Hall that he must take the said horse and keep him some time longer for the use of the service and that he, this deponent, rode the said horse in company with the said Jordon down to Captain Speed’s and that the said horse with a number of others was delivered to the said Captain Speed and this deponent further sayeth that either Captain Speed or William Jordon ordered him to take and keep the horse for the use of the service until further orders; that sometime after he the deponent was ordered out on a march to Betty’s Bridge and to ride the horse which he accordingly did, and believes that this said horse was lost in the action. [signed] Robert Rye

Civil Action Papers - 1785-1786 - CR.082.325.2

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Son of Barnabus

North Carolina Deeds (1790-1800)

Michael Mason to Joel Baggett, both of Marlborough County, 11 November 1794, 150 sterling money, a certain piece or parcel of land (300 acres) in Richmond County, NC. Witness: George Greer and Nedham Skipper.

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Josiah Scipper

1824 Deed From Joshua Brigman of Richmond, NC to Josiah Scipper
Researched by T. L. England. Contributed by: Joy Skipper Cornwell Charleston, SC. Posted August 22, 2004 by Myrtle Bridges

1/24/1824: 300 a, west of Crooked Creek, being part of land conveyed to Thos Quick Sr by
Aquilla Quick Sr, Temperance Brigman is wife of Joshua Brigman. Know all men by these presents
that I Joshua Brigman of the State of North Carolina and County of Richmond for and in consideration
of the Sum of one hundred and sixty dollars well and duly paid to me by Josiah Scipper of the state
of South Carolina and district of Marlborough the receipt whereof is hereby acknowledged do hereby
grant sell and convey to the said Josiah Scipper his heirs and assigns a certain tract and parcel
of land containing three hundred acres lying and being in the state of South Carolina on the west
side of Crooked Creek joining Stephen Quick's and Mark Turner's land beginning at a sake in said
Quicks line and runs North 22 degrees west 45 chains to a stake three pine pointers thence north
84 degrees east 71 chains to the run of Crooked Creek then south 22 degrees east down said run 45
chains to the mouth of a small chain? In said Turners Mill pond, then south 84 degrees west 71 chains
to the beginning being part of a tract of 545 acres conveyed to Thomas Quick Senr by Aquilla Quick
. To have and to hold the same unto the said Josiah Scipper his heirs and assigns to his and
their use and behalf forever and I do covenant to the said Scipper his heirs and assigns that I am
lawfully seized in fee? Of the premises that they are free of all incumbrance, I also bind myself,
my heirs and assigns executors administrators and assigns to warrant to for ever defend the same
to the said Josiah Scipper his heirs and assigns forever against the lawful claims and demands of
all presents in Witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand and seal this 7th day of January 1824.

Signed sealed and delivered in presence of I Joshua BRIGMAN make and except of all the land said
Mark Turner Mill pond does now overflow in easy sayo? Mark Tuner has a lawful claim for the same?
to the said Scippers as above mentioned.

Signed: Joshua Brigman. John Donalson, one of the justices of the quorum as the case may be do
hereby certify to all whom it may concern that Temperance BRIGMAN the wife of the within named
Joshua BRIGMAN did this day appear before me

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1850 Dyer Co. census, Arthur and Nancy Skipper

GIBSON COUNTY, TN - Census - 1850 Census - District No. 6

1350  Archer SKIPPER           50  M    .   Farmer        7000       SC  (Arthur)

      Nancy SKIPPER            45  F    .    .             .         SC

      Alexander SKIPPER        26  M    .    .             .         SC

      Nancy SKIPPER            18  F    .    .             .         TN

      Harris SKIPPER           17  M    .    .             .         TN

      Noah SKIPPER             15  M    .    .             .         TN

      William SKIPPER          11  M    .    .             .         TN

      Julia SKIPPER             9  F    .    .             .         TN

      Samuel SKIPPER            7  M    .    .             .         TN

      Nancy SKIPPER             5  F    .    .             .         TN

      Sarah SKIPPER             3  F    .    .             .         TN

      L. S. HILL               25  M    .   Wagoner        .         IA


DAVIS, Sarah J            marr.          SKIPPER, Noah               on 01-MAY-1856


Son of Arthur Skipper

1351  Thomas SKIPPER           24  M    .   Farmer         .         SC

      Martha SKIPPER           20  F    .    .             .         TN

      Nancy SKIPPER             3  F    .    .             .         TN

      Elva SKIPPER              1  F    .    .             .         TN

      Scion SKIPPER (MIY)      22  M    .    .             .         SC

      Elva SKIPPER (MIY)       17  F    .    .             .         TN


QUINN, Martha A           marr.          SKIPPER, Thomas             on 01-APR-1846


1349  A. TURNER                27  M    .   Farmer         .         SC

      Margaret TURNER          23  F    .    .             .         SC

      James TURNER              7  M    .    .             .         TN

      Scion TURNER              5  M    .    .             .         TN

      Franklin TURNER           2  M    .    .             .         TN


SCIPPER, Martha          marr.       TURNER, Alexander          on 09-DEC-1842



An extra Skipper, I dont yet know who she is or line she belongs to., 

GUINN, Wm C               marr.          SKIPPER, Harrett            on 16-MAY-1846


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Myrtle BRIDGES, 1997 Extracts from the NC Archives on Marlborough Citizens
Generously contributed by Myrtle Bridges, author of a new book on Richmond County, NC
"Our Native Heath Richmond County 1779-1899"
For those who are interested in learning more about the book,
visit her
Thank you, Myrtle!