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Frederick Iseminger1 was bom about 1730 . He died about 1 Apr 1775.
Frederick married Margaret.
Margaret was bom about 1734.
Frederick Iseminger had a Will that named the eleven children and his wife Margaret. It was dated the "twenty eighth day of November in the year of our Lord seventeen Hundred seventy four", and at the time he lived in "Frederick County" in the Province of Maryland". (According to Graecia Britten, who supplied a copy of the original Will, the records are in the courthouse at Hagerstown, Washington County, Maryland. She further states that "the Iseminger Family Farm no doubt fell into the area of Washington County when it was separated from Frederick County".)

In the Will he gives his "two sons, adam and Philip all my working tools belonging to the Turners Trade to be equally divided." (The word "Turners" is both hard to read and understand it's meaning in todays language, hi a letter dated May 8,1978 from

Howard J. Iseminger who reviewed the Will he states: Evidently he was a 'wheelwright' or a furniture maker. The word Turners Trade is used in connection tools, back in those days probably everything was done by hand. He would have used Turner Tools to make wheel spokes, table legs and etc. hi this day and age all turning is done on the lathe. No doubt, Howard is right...reading it over 200 years later.

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George Iseminger and Mary E. Storm (Sturm).

George was born Sept. 23, 1766 in Frederick, MD and died Nov. 23 1848, Perry TWP, Monroe Co., Indiana. He was buried on Nov. 26, 1848 in Mt. Salem Cemetery in Perry TWP. He was a wheelwright and furniture maker by trade and a natural mechanic It was said that he could make anything out of wood.
Mary was born Feb. 12, 1771. She died Sept. 9, 1841 in Perry TWP, Monroe Co., Indiana. She was buried Sept. 13, 1841 in Mt. Salem Cemetery in Perry TWP.

-a George Isaminger is listed as being in Turkeyfoot Township, Somerset County PA? (formerly Bedord) in Oct. 5, 1795, near Braddock's road and neighbor to Martin Keefer, George Turney, Daniel Storms and Michael Keefer
~George 1766~ He was listed as a wheelright in Frederick Co. MD. Born same place, Married Mary Storm,;a neighbors daughter., Their first 2 or 3 children born in Frederick Co. MD. before emigrating to Hamilton Co. Cincinnati. Ohio in 1789 And what a trip that must of been, overland by wagon to a place of embankation on either the monongahala or ohio river, then down the ohio river by some sort of water craft to a landing in Hamilton Co, Ohio,. Balance of children from here , which includes our Jacob. George was also listed in Hamilton Co. as a wheelright. In 1817 George and family left Hamilton Co, for monroe Co, Ind., In Monroe Co. he owned land and operated a grist mill. George and Mary buried somewhere in Monroe County Ind,.copied from a letter written by George W. Iseminger,. a descendant of Jacob and Nancy Rogers (Jacobs 1st, wife,.)
-book "The History of Jackson County" (Indiana) lists George Iseminger as an early settler sometime following the fall of 1810 in Driftwood Township, also known at that time as "The Forks," in land lying between the Driftwood Fork of White River and the Muscatatauk. Book also lists that George Iseminger built the first mill on Mill Creek as early as 1812-1813 (on land later owned by Peter Mahl), a tributary of the White River that flows through Driftwood Township; a log building with an overshot wheel and capacity of 4-5 bushels per day. Operated mill until early 1820s and sold out to Allen Shepherd, who tore it down and erected a frame building and carding machine

George served in War of 1812

~ George Iseminger was born on 23 Sep 1766 in Frederick Md. He died on 23 Nov 1848 in Perry Twp Monroe IN and was buried on 26 Nov 1848 in Salm Cemetery Perry Twp Monroe Co IN. George married Mary E Storm.

~ Mary E Storm was bom on 12 Feb 1771. She died on 9 Sep 1841 in Perry Twp Monroe IN and was buried on 13 Sep 1841 in Mt Salem Cemetery Perry County IN.

Sources #2 below

George and his wife were wanderers. Records in Pennsylvania show that he owned land in Somerset County (then Bedford County) as early as 1786. George and Mary Storm were bora in Pennsylvania and was of German parentage. He was a wheelwright by trade and a natural mechanic and it was said he could make anything in wood.
He moved to Hamilton county Ohio and their son Daniel was bom there in 1795. In Butler Co Ohio, deed records are found as early as 1808 that they owned land there. It is noted that lands purchased from the U S government, as this was in this case, were not entered on the tax records until six years after purchase. This would indicate that they may have been there as early as 1802. The land records that exist in Butler County are as follows:

3 Apr 1808 - U.S.A. to George Iseminger, the east half of Section 34, Twp 3, Range 1, (Deed book 13, page 296)

10 Apr 1808 - George sold 100 acres in the southeast corner of the east half of Section 34 to Michael Shook for $200. (Deed book B, Page 119)

2 May 1809 - George sold 55 and 68/100 acres in the northwest corner of Section 34 to George Shook for $111.36 (Deed book B, Page 147)

1 May 1816 - They sold 132 acres and a fraction to Joshus R. Robinson, Hugh Smith and Cyrus N. Smith for the sum of $3,500. (Deed book E, Page 564)

10 May 1816 - Thirty two and 47/100 acres was sold to the heirs of John Cowuill for $100 in the E 1/2 of Section 34. (Deed book E, Page 565)

It would appear that with the last 2 entries George and Mary Iseminger had disposed of their holdings in Ohio and at this time they moved to Jackson county, IN. George and Mary apparently believed in not only recording deeds to property, but other transactions as well, to January of 1878 copies of the following transactions were secured from Jackson County, IN Recorders Office at Brownstown, IN

5 Jan 1818 - the Iseminger bought from James Bigger Lot 53 of the original plat of Vallonia, Jackson County, IN for the sum of $138. (Deed record A, Page 92)

20 Mar 1818 - George Iseminger allowed Ephram Arnold to build a "Mildam" on his land in the N W 1/4 of Section 5, Township 4, Range 4, "to the line between myself and Aquilla Rogers" However "said Arnold is not to build his dam so high as to ingure (sic) the mill now owned by myself." (Deed record A, Page 78)

21 May 1819 - This is the most interesting recorded document. It states that for "the sum of $56 George Iseminger", purchased from John Hammon the following items:

One cow and yearling calf One rifle gun

Two bedsteads and bedding One chest with clothing One set of millright tools Spinning wheel and real One stew pot and skillet Three chairs One table One washing tub Three buckets Six books One large bible One millrights book A dresser and all that is on it Five sheep

One pair of hand bellows

and any other "household stuff' that now remains at George Isemingers mill in Driftwood Twp. (Deed record A, Page 107)

13 Aug 1825 - George and his wife Mary sold to Thomas Bottom for the sum of $1000 80 acres in the W 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 4, Township 4, Range 4, East of the lands office. (George & Mary lived in Jackson County). Deed record B, Page 110)

8 Oct 1829 - George and Mary sold the E 1/2 of the NW 1/4 of Section 4, Township 4, Range 4 to Allan Shephard for $500. (The isemingers now lived in Monroe County Deed record B, Page 556)

7 Mar 1831 - The iseminger sold to Jonas Burkey Lot 553 of the original plat of Vallonia, Jackson County, IN for the sum of $20.

If you compare the 5 Jan 1818 entry with the 7 Mar 1831 entry you will note that they kept this property for 13 years and lost $118.".

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Jacob born in Hamilton Co, Ohio Moved with parents at age 17 to Monroe Co. Ind. Became quite a hunk of manhood 6 feet tall weighing 190 pds. Married Nancy Rogers. Nancy's father was a veteran of the Revolutionary war from Pennsyvania, He became quite a public figure in Indiana politics before his death cir.1839. Jacob and nancy took up land and farmed in Monroe Co, Ind. until Nancy's death in 1833. All their children born in Monroe Co, Married Elizabeth Graybeal,. they moved to a farm in Porter Co, Ind. where they stayed a couple of years, then they moved over to La Porte Co, Ind where they bought the original 160 acres that was later to become a part of the home place of 640 acres which jacob owned at his death. This property lies about 2 1/2 miles southwest of Westerville in La Porte Co. One of our relatives with whom i have corosponded has a copy or the original land-grant certificate issued by the government in favor of Jacob, dated 3-20-1837

All children born in northern Indiana. Jacob and Elizabeth buried in La Porte Co.

Jacob Iseminger, father of Dr. Iseminger, was farmer by occupation Ugh the greater part of his life, although in early manhood he and his jjer operated a mill in Monroe county, Indiana. He lived a busy and use-gjfe and died on the old home farm in 1879, lacking but three months of eighty years of age. He was twice married, his first union being with a Rogers, by whom he had three children, Martha, Elizabeth and George bington. After the death of his first wife, Jacob Iseminger wedded Eliza-Graybeal, who passed away in 1874, when more than seventy years of Both were earnest and consistent members of the Christian church. family numbered seven children, as follows .-"John, deceased; William, of " ^review; Hiram, who lost his life while serving"ln"the Civil war; Holbert |now living in Tappen, North Dakota; Peter R., who lives on the old home in Laporte county, Indiana; Margaret Jane, the wife of John Bone, of ysville, Kansas; and Rachel, deceased.

Note - a fragmenting story passed down to me to the effect that the relationship between Jacob and Nelson Holmes was decidedly strained due to inter-marriage arrangement that jacob did not approve of. This can probably be traced to the 2nd marriage of John Graybeal to Elizabeth Holmes., Nelson Holmes evidently urged or wanted the marriage and Jacob being Elizabeths granddaughter didnt want it.
From a letter written by George W, Iseminger, ( a descendant of Jacob and Nancy Rogers, ( his first wife)

4. Jacob Iseminger1 was born on 12 Feb 1800 in Hamilton County 0. He died on 14 Nov 1879 in Laport County Westville IN and was buried on 17 Nov 1879 in Westville Cemetery Westville IN. Jacob married Elizabeth Graybeal on 6 Mar 1834 in Monroe County IN.

5. Elizabeth Graybeal2 was bom on 20 Oct 1807 in Virginia. She died on 10 Nov 1876 in Laport County Westville IN and was buried on 13 Nov 1876 in Westville Cemetery Westville IN.


1. Donald W Evans Jr., Jacob Iseminger. "Austin C. Graybeal living in Des Moines IA sent Mertie Iseminger a copy of an old family record on Jacob Iseminger. I have used this information in my genealogy of Jacob.

Jacob and Elizabeth can be found in the 1850 Indiana U S Census La Porte Co Pg 330 Line 31, Jacob was 50 bom O and Elizabeth 43 bom VA. Martha 24 IN and Geo W 20 IN were Nancy Rogers's children. John 16 IN, Wm 14 IN, Hiram 11 IN, Margaret 19 IN, Holbert 5 IN, Rachel 3 IN, were Elizabeth's children and all of them were living with Jacob and Elizabeth in 1850 US Census.

Mormon genealogy gotten from the Fort Wayne Public Library also was used in recording Jacob's life.

My Daughter, mother and I visited the Westville Cemetery, many of the stones were weathered, broken and hard, to impossible to read, but we did gain knowledge that there are Isemingers living in Westville who are related to Jacob and Elizabeth. We, also, got a list of 25 Iseminger's buried in the Westville Cemetery, 17 of which are related to Jacob and Elizabeth.

Wayne Iseminger, who is living in Westville, IN was very kind to send me a copy of Iseminger genealogy compiled by N Kathryn Dingeman who claims Frederick and Margaret Iseminger are her great, great, great, great grandparents.

Jacob was a fanner. Early in his life he and his brother operated a mill in Monroe County, IN. Jacob was married twice, his first wife was Nancy Rogers, they were married sometime around 1821 or 22, they had six children. She and her son, Aquilla Rogers, died in child birth in the Monroe IN area. There was an Aquilla Rogers that did business with George Iseminger, no doubt he was related to Nancy Rogers somehow. Jacob and Elizabeth were married on Mar 6 1834 and shortly after moved to Westville, IN, where they lived and raised their nine children. Jacob and Elizabeth are buried in the Westville cemetery. Jacob and Elizabeth's home still stands and is occupied out side of Westville IN. Elizabeth died nine days short of her 69th birthday. Jacob died three months short of his 80th birthday. Jacob had 15 children, William Iseminger was the 2nd child of Elizabeth and Jacob.".

2. Donald W Evans, Elizabeth Graybeal. "Elizabeth was the second wife of Jacob Iseminger according to family genealogy.

Mormon computer genealogy states this as being correct.

Elizabeth Graybeal was the daughter of John and Rachel Duncan Graybeal. Note that she and her mother were light years ahead of other women, they used their maiden name in their married name, what a revolutionary idea, too bad more women are not as smart. Nothing is known about her parents, other than Elizabeth was bom in Virginia and there were Graybeals living around Geo and Mary in Monroe IN and also in Ohio.".

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Charles H. June 1, 1870 Feb 7, 1942 Jennie Greens
Clarence A. Oct 11, 1871 July 4 1936 Lulu
Alta M. Oct 19, 1873 Jan 30, 1889
Elda G. Sept 6, 1875 Aug 1, 1961 J A Miles
*Bian B. Jan 8, 1878 Sept 24, 1960 Zella Hain
Nina Lura Sept 15, 1879 Sept 15, 1880
George Orion Sept 1, 1881 Sept 1, 1881
Carlos Everts Sept 13, 1883 Nov 28, 1918 Marie Gigax
Olive Edna Jan 15, 1886 Sept 18, 1886
Amon Clifford June 12, 1887 June 17,1887
Holbert ISEMINGER Household

Other Information:
Birth Year <1846>
Birthplace IN
Age 34
Occupation Farmer
Marital Status M <Married>
Race W <White>
Head of Household Holbert ISEMINGER
Relation Self
Father's Birthplace OH
Mother's Birthplace VA

Source Information:
Census Place Clinton, La Porte, Indiana
Family History Library Film 1254292
NA Film Number T9-0292
Page Number 321A
1905 Iowa Census Register
Washington Township, Crawford County
11 323 H. G. Iseminger Buck Grove  
11 324 Jennie Iseminger Buck Grove
11 325 Clarence Iseminger Buck Grove  
11 326 Carl Iseminger Buck Grove
11 337 F. A. Slater Buck Grove  
11 338 Lizzie Slater Buck Grove
 350 J. F. Slater Buck Grove  
11 351 Lottie Slater Buck Grove  
11 352 Roy Slater Buck Grove
16 501 Jasper Hain Buck Grove  
16 502 Milinda Hain Buck Grove
16 503 Herm Hain Buck Grove  
16 504 Frank Hain Buck Grove  
16 505 Bernice Hain Buck Grove  
16 506 Foster Hain Buck Grove  
16 507 Dean Hain Buck Grove
End of Washington Township Register
Submitted by Bob Kuehl

Marriage Announcements
Denison Review 12-11-1912 - Buck Grove
Word has reached here that Clarence Iseminger is married to a young lady in North Dakota. Clarence has many acquaintances here who will wish him well in his new life.

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Everette Cecil Sept 4, 1900 Jan 21, 1900 Nellie Hewitt
Eula Fern May 9, 1903 Mar 9, 1971 L.B. Carro May 12, 1944
Frank Kuch
*Daryl Wendall June 4, 1907 March 17, 1985 Pauline Johnston
Iva Iola Apr 27, 1912 Glenn Nicholson
Wilma Jean May 5, 1919 Wilber L Jaquette, Ralph Johnson
Marvin Ross Mar 1, 1922 Joan Hodge

Bian B. ISEMINGER Household

Other Information:
Birth Year <1878>
Birthplace IN
Age 2
Occupation At Home
Marital Status S <Single>
Race W <White>
Head of Household Holbert ISEMINGER
Relation Son
Father's Birthplace IN
Mother's Birthplace IN

Source Information:
Census Place Clinton, La Porte, Indiana
Family History Library Film 1254292
NA Film Number T9-0292
Page Number 321A

1905 Iowa Census Register
Denison Ward 3, Crawford County
Books A and B
3 90 Brian Iseminger Denison  
3 91 Mrs. Zella Iseminger Denison  
3 92 Everette Iseminger Denison  
3 93 Eula Iseminger Denison

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*Richard Lee m. Betty Lou Price
Donald Ray m. Barbara Jean Bantau

Birth Date: 4 Jun 1907
Death Date: Mar 1985
Social Security Number: 550-05-4841
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: California

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 91748
Localities: City Of Industry, Los Angeles, California
Industry, Los Angeles, California
La Puente, Los Angeles, California
Rowland Heights, Los Angeles, California

Birth Date: 26 Jun 1907
Death Date: Sep 1984
Social Security Number: 567-44-4002
State or Territory Where Number Was Issued: California

Death Residence Localities
ZIP Code: 91748
Localities: City Of Industry, Los Angeles, California
Industry, Los Angeles, California
La Puente, Los Angeles, California
Rowland Heights, Los Angeles, California

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Douglas L. b. Long beach Calif, mar. Cheryl Bassett
Roger Dale b. Long Beach, Calif
Gail Ellen b. Maywood, Calif mar. Frank Yeager
James Darrel b. Long Beach, Calif

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Deborah Anne Sept 27 San Antonio, TX
Terry L. Nov 4 Tucson, AZ Susan

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Cody Spencer Dingee b. March 13, 1989, Tucson, AZ
Hailey Anne Garland b. July 25, 1996. Mesa, AZ
Brandon Lee Garland b. May 15, 1998. Tempe, AZ

father of Cody ~ Mark Dean Dingee
father of Hailey & Brandon~ David Scott Garland

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Christina M. Ebbert - J. Wendel Sturm
11.Hans G. Ebbert - Johannata C. Hunermann