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1~Deborah Anne Iseminger
2~Douglas L. Iseminger ~ Cheryl Bassett*
3~Richard L. Iseminger ~ Betty L. Price*
4~Darrel W. Iseminger ~ Pauline Johnston
5~Bian B. Iseminger ~ Zella Hain**
6~Jasper Hain ~ Malinda B. Slater
7~Leonard Hain ~ Hulda Jackson
8~John R. Hain ~ Sarah Jennings*
9~Levi Jennings - Elizabeth Bell
10~David Jennings* - Sarah Cushman**
11~1705 Thomas Cushman - Mary Cutter*
12~1670 Thomas Cushman - Sarah Strong *
13~1637 Thomas Cushman - Ruth Howland *
14~1608 Thomas Cushman - Mary Allerton*
15~1578 Robert Cushman - Sarah Reder *
16~1538Thomas Cushman - Elinor Hubbard
17~1512 Thomas Couchman/Cushman

Robert and his Thomas arrived on the Fortune together Sarah Reder had died and Robert had married Mary clarke Sigleton in 1617. She did not come over on the Fortune. Robert returned to England leaving Thomas, age 14 at the time, in William Bradford's care. When Robert died in England in 1625, William Bradford adopted Thomas.

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<, Hawkhurst, Kent, England>

Thomas CUSHMAN B: Abt 1538
, Hawkhurst, Kent, England
D: 14 Feb 1586
, Rolvenden, Kent, England
M: 18 Jul 1568
St. Andrew, Canterbury, Kent, England

Elinor HUBBARD B: Abt 1549
, Rolvenden, Kent, England
D: Bef 1604
, , , England

Robert CUSHMAN B: 9 Feb 1578
Rolveden, Kent, , England
D: Feb 1625
, London, Middlesex, England
M: 31 Jul 1606
St Alphege, Canterbury, England
Sarah REDER B: 1616
, , Kent, England
D: 11 Oct 1616
St Peters, Leyden, South Holland, Netherlands

Samuel RIDER B: < 1554
<Leiden, South Holland, England>

Thomas Cushman
Title: Elder
Birth: 1608
Christening: 8 FEB 1607/1608 St Andrew,Canterbury,Kent,Eng
Death: 10 DEC 1691 in Plymouth,Plymouth,Ma
Burial: 13 DEC 1691 Old Burial Hill,Plymouth,Ma
Note: Arrived on the Fortune at Plymouth 11-9-1621 with his Father
Wife Mary Allerton
Mary (Mayflower) Allerton 
Birth: 1616 in Leyden,Sud Holland,Netherlands
Death: 28 NOV 1699 in Plymouth,Plymouth Co,Mass
Father: Isaac (Mayflower) Allerton b: 1583/1586 in St Andrews Under Shaft,London,Eng
Mother: Mary (Mayflower) Norris b: 1588 in Newburg,Berkshire,Eng
Husband Elder Thomas Cushman

Biographical Summary
Mary Allerton was born about 1616 in Leiden, Holland, to parents Isaac and Mary (Norris) Allerton. She came to Plymouth on the Mayflower in 1620, at about the age of four. Around 1636, she married Thomas Cushman. Thomas had come to Plymouth at the age of 13 on the ship Fortune in 1621 with father Robert Cushman, a prominent member of the Pilgrims' congregation in Leiden. Thomas and Mary had a surprisingly prosperous family: seven of their eight children survived to adulthood, got married, and provided at least 50 grandchildren. Thomas and Mary both lived to very old age, having never moved from Plymouth. Thomas died in December 1691, nearly reaching 85 years in age. Mary, who gave birth to and raised eight children, lived to the age of 83. Prior to her death in November 1699, she was the last surviving Mayflower passenger.
Thomas Cushman
Birth: 16 SEP 1637 in Plymouth,Plymouth Co,Mass
Christening: SEP 1637 Plymouth,Plymouth,Ma
Death: 23 AUG 1726 in Scituate,Plymouth Co,Mass
Burial: 24 AUG 1726 Centre Burying Ground,Plympton,Ma
Occupation: Yeoman
Father: Thomas Cushman b: 1608
Mother: Mary Allerton b: 1616 in Leyden,Sud Holland,Netherlands
Wife Ruth Howland
Ruth Howland
Birth: 10 JUL 1637 in Plymouth,Plymouth Co,Mass
Death: 29 MAY 1672 in Plymouth,Plymouth,Mass
Father: John  Howland b: 1602 in Fen Stanton,Huntingdonshire,Eng
Mother: Elizabeth Tilley b: 1607 in Henlow,Bedfordshire,Eng
Husband Thomas Cushman
Name: Thomas Cushman
Birth: 1670 in Plymouth,Plymouth,Ma
Death: 9 JAN 1726/1727 in Lebanon,New London,Ct
Note: The will of Thomas Cushman dated 9 Jan 1726/7, proved 7 Mar 1726/7, names sons William, Thomas and Eleazer Cushman; daus. Zibiah, Ruth and Lydia Cushman.
Father: Thomas Cushman b: 16 SEP 1637 in Plymouth,Plymouth Co,Mass
Mother: Ruth Howland b: 10 JUL 1637 in Plymouth,Plymouth Co,Mass
Wife Sarah Strong
Sarah Strong 
Birth: 1674 in Northampton,Hampshire,Ma
Death: 25 DEC 1726 in Lebanon,New London,Ct
~ From Isaac Allerton: On 4 Feb 1702/3 Thomas Loring of Plymouth and Thomas Cushman of Duxbury sold
 land in Duxbury to John Bradford; ,
 ack. the deed 5 Feb 1702/3.
~On 1 Apr 1703 Henry Woodward of Lebanon sold 200 acres in Lebanon (Connecticut) to Thomas Coachman of Duxbury.
~ On 19 Jul 1710 John Smith of Lebanon sold 51 acres in Lebanon to Thomas Coachman of Lebanon.
Father: Jedediah Strong b: 1639 in Traunton,Bristol,Mass
Mother: Freedom Woodward b: ABT 1641
Husband Thomas cushman
Name: Thomas Cushman
Birth: abt.  1705 in Lebanon, New London Co, CT
Death: in Elizabeth, Union, New Jersey
Note: Thomas and family (two sons, five daughters) moved from Lebanon CT to Essex County NJ after 1743
Father: Thomas Cushman  b: 1670 in Plymouth, Plymouth, MA
Mother: Sarah Strong b: 1674 in Northampton, Hampshire, MA
Wife Mary Riggs Cutter
Mary Riggs Cutter 
Birth: ABT 1717 in Lebanon, New London Co,Ct
Father:  Cutter b: ABT 1680
Mother:  Riggs b: ABT 1680
Husband Thomas Cushman
Sarah Cushman 
Birth: 6 NOV 1743 in Lebanon, CT
Death: BEF 2 AUG 1827 in Montgomery Co ,OI
Father: Thomas Cushman b: abt 1705 in Lebanon, New London Co, CT Mother: Mary Riggs Cutter b:abt 1717 in Lebanon, New London Co, CT
Husband David Jennings

David Jennings
Birth: 1742 in Scotch Plains, Somerset, NJ
Death: AUG 1793 in Killed by a Indian, Cincinnati, OH
Burial: Babtist Church, Columbiana, OH
Wife Sarah Cushman
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The Allerton family also decided to bring all their daughters. Isaac and wife Mary Allerton brought their daughters Remember and Mary: Remember was about 6 years old, and Mary was about 4 years old

The Mayflower departed back for England on April 5, after the terrible first winter was over. The first winter had left most of the girls orphaned. Elizabeth Tilley's parents John and Joan were dead, and her aunt and uncle Edward and Ann Tilley were dead as well. Mary Chilton's father and mother both died. The Allerton girls lost their mother. And Desire Minter lost her adopted family of John and Katherine Carver just a couple weeks after the Mayflower departed. Only the Hopkins family survived the first winter unscathed.

which of course means all descendants of Robert Cushman as well:
I found a wonderful Children's Thanksgiving Book by Cheryl Harness, called THREE YOUNG PILGRIMS. It is the (fictional of course) story of three young Pilgrms: Bartholomew, Remember and Mary Allerton by Name.....
Simon and Schuster is the publisher...

This is a sermon delivered by Robert Cushman, it is free to be downloaded, but cannot be used for profit or posted on any web page as stated by copyright owner. Interesting read full of Fire and Brimstone, PDF file, adobe.
copyright owner is listed in file

In 1664   Ruth Howland (b. 1646),  was the subject of a morals case brought before the Court of Governor's Assistants. Sexual mores, including chastity before marriage, were issues about which were strict codes of conduct. Ruth Howland fell in love with Thomas Cushman, Jr. (1637-1726), the first son of Plymouth's Ruling Elder Thomas Cushman (1607-91), and Mary (Allerton) Cushman (1616-1699), a Mayflower passenger. In 1664/5 Thomas Jr. was fined five ponds by the Court for carnal behavior "before marriage, but after contract." Once again John Howland was Deputy to the General Court for Plymouth and not involved personally in sentencing. Twenty-five years earlier punishment could have been severe, e.g. excommunication, fines, stocks for women and whipping for men. However, in 1664 harsh physical sentencing had been relaxed, and the social meeting of the parties became a factor in sentencing. In 1664 Thomas Jr. and Ruth were married. In addition to John Howland's embarrassment, Thomas Cushman, Jr. squandered the opportunity to be considered to succeed his father as Ruling Elder. In 1694, Thomas' younger brother Isaac was chosen to succeed his father as Ruling Elder. Thomas Jr. and Ruth remained in Plymouth. Ruth died as a young woman sometime after 1672, and Thomas Jr. married Abigail Fuller in 1679.

Thomas Cushman, son of the ruling elder who had succeeded Brewster,was ordered in 1664 to pay 5 for "carnall copulation" with his later wife, Ruth Howland, the daughter of Mayflower passengers John and Elizabeth (Tilley) Howland, though the court observed in this case the sinhad occurred "before marriage but after contract." It would seem an unusually long contract, for the child being born on 4 October 1664,the sin would have occurred in
January 1663/64, but the marriage did not
take place until 17 November 1664.
THOMAS, Plymouth, s. of the preced. m. 17 Nov. 1664, Ruth, d. of John Howland, wh. d. soon after, but had first brot. him Robert, b. 4 Oct. 1664; and he m. 16 Oct. 1679, Abigail Fuller, and had Job, a. 1680; Bartholomew; Samuel, b. 16 July
1687; and Benjamin, bapt. 1 Mar. 1691. Twelve of this name had been gr. at the N. E. coll. in 1834.

August 1, 1648 (PCR 2:131-133) Att this Court it was ordered, yt Thomas Cushman shall haue and enjoy, without disturbance, the one third part of all the English corn due vnto Mis Combe, for her part, from William Spooner, for this psent yeare, excepting the rye, wherof hee is to haue the one halfe, and one part of fiue of the Indian corn, and the one half of the frute, and the one half of the hempe.

March 20, 1636-7 (PCR 1:56) To Thomas Cushman, the remaynder of the marsh before the house he liueth in, (wch Mris Fuller doth not vse,) and the little pcell at the wadeing place on thother side Joanes Riuer.

The following is a verbatim et literatim copy of the inscription on his grave stone in the burying ground at Plympton:
AUGst Ye 23d
1726 IN
Ye 89th YEAR
Note: Copy of Probate Records for the County of Plymouth -- Book 1, Commencing with page 129.
"To all People to whom these presents shall come, etc. -- Know ye that I Thomas Cushman, Sen'r, of the town of Plimouth in New England, being through God's mercy and goodness unto me at this present in some measure of good health of body and of
sound understanding and strength of memory, yet considering my frailty and uncertainty of my abiding in this vale of tears, do make this to be my last Will and Testament. And by these presents I do make this to be my last will and testament to
remain firm and invincible forever as followeth: Imprimis -- I give and bequeath my soul to God that gave it, and my body to ye dust and to be decently buried in hopes of ye grace of God through Jesus Christ to enter into a joyful resurrection.
And for my outward estate I dispose of as followeth, viz: I will and bequeath unto my dear and loving wife Mary Cushman all my house and housing, together with all my uplands and meadow lands I am now possessed of in the township of New
Plimouth, to be for her use and support during ye time of her natural life, excepting such parcels as I do in this my will give to my children.
"Item, -- I give unto my son Thomas Cushman two twenty acre lots lying upon ye southerly side of Mr. Joseph Bradford's land, as also ye enlargements of ye head of these lots; and also twenty acres of upland, more or less, lying upon ye easterly
side of Jones River by the bridge, with a skirt of meadow lying by said river; and also one third of my meadow at Winnatuxet [Footnote: Now in Plympton.], and also a parcel of salt marsh meadow from our spring unto a cross westerly of a salt
hole and so down to ye river, which said parcel of meadow is to be his after our decease. All ye above said parcels of upland and meadow I do by these presents give and bequeath unto my son Thomas Cushman, to him and his heirs forever.
"Item, -- I do give unto my son Isaac Cushman one twenty acre lot, with ye addition of ye head lying on the northerly side of Samuel Flanders land in ye Township of Plimouth, and also the one half of my land lying at Nemasket Pond in ye
Township of Middleborough as also ye one half of my right in the sixteen shilling purchase, so called, in Township above sa'd, and also one third part of my meadow at Winnatuxet in Plimouth, all which parcels of upland and meadow last above
expressed, I do by these presents give and bequeath unto my son Isaac Cushman, and to him and his heirs for ever, together with all the prileges thereunto belonging.
"Item, -- I do give unto my son Elkanah Cushman one twenty acre lot with the addition of the head lying on the northerly side of ye land I now improve, but in case my son Thomas's new dwelling house be upon part of this lot, my will is my son
Thomas enjoy ye land his house now standeth on without molestation. As also I give to my son Elkanah Cushman the one half of my land lying at Nemasket Pond, as also ye one half of the sixteen shilling purchase above expressed, as also one third
of my meadow at Winnatuxet. All the above said parcels of lands and meadows last above expressed, with all the privileges thereunto belonging I do by these presents give unto my son Elkanah Cushman, and to his heirs forever.
"Item, -- I do give unto my son Eleazer Cushman the rest of my lands both upland and meadow lands not above deposed of in Plimouth and Duxborough, as also my new dwelling house and out housing, which house and lands I do by these presents give
and bequeath unto my son Eleazer Cushman, to him and his heirs forever to enjoy after I and my wife are deceased.
"And my will is that my four sons Thomas, Isaac, Elkanah and Eleazer shall each of them allow twenty to their sisters, that is to say Sarah Hauks and Lidiah Harlow. As also my will is that if any of my sons see cause to make sale of their land
I have given them in Plimouth, that they do let their brothers that do reside in Plimouth have the said lands as they shall be valued by five different men as also my will is, and I do by these presents give and bequeath unto my three grand
children in Line the children of my daughter Mary Hutchinson deceased, to each of them twenty shillings to be paid unto them out of my estate soon after my decease.
"And I do constitute and appoint my dear and loving wife Mary Cushman to be the sole executrix of this my last Will and Testament, my debts, legacies and funeral charges being first paid my will is that whatever other estate is found of mine in
goods, chattels or debts either in Plimouth or elsewhere shall be for ye support of my wife during her natural life; and my will is that what remains of my estate at my wife's decease the one half I do give to my son Eleazur Cushman and the
other half unto my two daughters, to Sarah Hauks and Lidiah Harlow to be equally divided between them. And my will is, and I do by these presents appoint my two sons Thomas Cushman and Isaac Cushman and Thomas Faunce to be ye supervisors of
this my last will and testament, much confiding in their love and faithfulness to be helpful to my s'd executrix in the acting and disposing of particulars according to the tenore thereof, thus hoping that this my last will and testament will
be performed and kept, revoking all other wills, written or verball. I have in witness thereof set to my hand and seal on the 22d of October, 1690.
Note: "Signed, sealed and declared to be his last will and testament in presence of us witnesses."
Note: James Warner THOMAS CUSHMAN
Note: Thomas Faunce And a [LS]
"James Warner and Thomas Faunce, the witnesses here named, made oath before the County Court of Plymouth, March 6 16th, 1691, --that they were present and saw the above named Mr. Thomas Cushman sign and seal, and heard him declare the above
written to be his last Will and Testament, and that to ye best of their judgment he was of sound mind and memory when he so did."
Note: Attest, SAMUEL SPRAGUE, Clerk.
Note: An addition to ye last Will of Thomas Cushman, Sen'r, which is as followeth:
"Whereas in my last Will, which was in sixteen hundred and ninety that I then left out a certain piece of land undisposed of which was one hundred acres of land lying in the Township of Plimouth upon a brook commonly called Colchester Brook
[Footnote: In Plympton.], on both sides of ye said brook, which I reserved to sell for my support, or my wife's after my decease. My Will is therefore that my son Thomas Cushman and my son Isaac Cushman shall have the above hundred acres of
land to be divided equally between them to them and their heirs and assigns forever, provided that they equally shall pay or cause to be paid ten pounds in current silver money to me above said Thomas Cushman, Sen'r, or my wife after my
decease, or after decease to be paid equally to my two daughters, Sarah Hauks and Lidia Harlow. Also I the above said Thomas Cushman do will and bequeath to my four sons, Thomas Cushman and Isaac Cushman and Elkanah Cushman and Eleazer Cushman,
all my books, equally to be divided among them, only two small books to my daughter Lidia Harlow, and my best bible to my loving wife Mary Cushman, likewise also I do give and bequeath unto my son Elkanah Cushman one acre of meadow which was
granted unto me, lying at Doties meadows. This addition is to the last will of me Elder Thomas Cushman of Plimouth being now in perfect understanding, April 1, 1691.
Note: "Signed, sealed and declared in presence of us witnesses."
Note: Jonathan Shaw, Sen.,
Note: Persis Shaw, Her P mark."
"Jonathan Shaw one of ye witnesses here named made oath before ye County Court of Plimouth March 16th 1691, that he was present and saw Elder Thomas Cushman above named sign, seal and heard him declare the above written codicil to be his will,
an addition to his former will, and that 'he ye said Shaw subscribed to it as a witness, and that he saw Persis, his wife subscribe with him as a witness also.
Note: Attest, SAM'L SPRAGUE, Clerk."
"March 16th, 1691. Mrs. Mary Cushman relict widow of Elder Thomas Cushman, late of Plimouth deceased coming personally before ye County Court then held at Plimouth, did freely acknowledge she had received fifty-two shillings and six pence of
Isaac Cushman her son in part of ye five pounds which ye said Isaac is to pay for his part of ye hundred acres of land at Colchester above said.
Note: Attest, SAM'L SPRAGUE, Clerk."
"Memorandum that Persis Shaw ye other witness made oath before Wm. Bradford, Esq., Judge of Probate, that she also was present and saw and heard ye within named Elder Cushman sign, seal and declare this within written codicill as an addition to
his will, and that he was of sound mind and memory when he did ye same to ye best of her judgment.
Note: Attest, SAM'L SPRAGUE, Register.
Note: Sept. 25th, 1701"
Note: "An Inventory of the estate of Mr. Thomas Cushman, Sen'r, of Plymouth, deceased, taken and appraised by us, whose names are herunto subscribed, on ye 17th day of December, 1691:
Note: &#339; sh. d.
Note: Imprimis, his wearing apparel, both linen and woolen, 04 02 00
Note: Item--his books, 04 00 00
Note: Item--in cash, 01 02 00
Note: Item--in 2 beds and bedding to them 10 00 00
Note: Item--in pewter and brass, 02 15 00
Note: Item--in iron pots and kettles and other iron vessels* 01 12 00
Note: Item--in tables and chests and chairs, 01 16 00
Note: Item--in cotton and sheep's wool and linen yarn and flax 01 03 00
Note: Item--in saddle, bridle and pillion, 01 05 00
Note: Item--in linnen wheel and old lumber, 00 15 00
Note: Item--in iron wedges and glass bottles, 00 05 00
Note: Item--in cart tacklin, 00 10 00
Note: Item--in Indian and English corn, 04 01 00
Note: Item--in neat cattle, 13 10 00
Note: Item--in sheep 01 00 00
Note: Item--in swine, 00 18 00
Note: Item--in a Loom, 01 05 00
Note: Item--in debts due from ye estate, 00 08 00
Note: Thomas Cushman,
Note: Isaac Cushman,
Note: Thomas Faunce.
Note: [*Footnote: A spoon is now in the Museum of the Pilgrim Society at Plymouth, which belonged to Elder Cushman, and is kept as a memento of him.]
"Mrs. Mary Cushman relict widdow of Elder Thomas Cushman late of Plimouth deceased made oath before ye County Court at Plimouth March 16, 1691, that ye above written is a true inventory of the goods and chattels of her said late husband, so far
as she yet knoweth, and that if more shall be discovered to her she will make it known.
Note: Attest, SAM'L SPRAGUE, Clericus."