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Rose, Small

1~Deborah Anne Iseminger
2~Douglas L. Iseminger ~ Cheryl Bassett*
3~Richard L. Iseminger ~ Betty L. Price*
4~Darrel W. Iseminger ~ Pauline Johnston
5~Bian B. Iseminger ~ Zella Hain**
6~Jasper Hain ~ Malinda B. Slater
7~Leonard Hain ~ Hulda Jackson
8~John R. Hain ~ Sarah Jennings*
9~Levi Jennings ~ Elizabeth Bell
10~David Jennings* ~ Sarah Cushman*
11~Thomas Cushman* ~ Mary Riggs Cutter*
12~Thomas Cushman - Sarah Strong **
13~ Jedediah Strong ~ Freedom Woodward*
14~ John Strong ~ Abigail Ford*
15~ John Strong ~ Eleanor Deane*
16~ George Strong ~ Ann Bond
17~ George Bond~ Winifred Leigh*
18~ William Bond ~ Dionise Bourman*
19~ John Bourman ~ Elizabeth Russell*
20~ James Russell b: ABT 1450
21~ Henry Russell ~ Elizabeth Hering*
22~ John Russell ~ Alice Wise*
23~ John Wise ~ Thomasine Fulford*
24~ Baldwin Fulford ~ Jenet Elizabeth Bosome
25~ John Bozum ~ Joan Fortescue*
26~ John Fortescue ~ Eleanor Norries
27~ William Fortescue ~ Elizabeth Beauchamp b: 1349
29~ John Beauchamp ~ Margaret Whalesburgh
30~ John Beauchamp ~*Joan b: ABT 1290
31~ Humphrey de Beauchamp ~Sybil Oliver
32~ Robert Beauchamp ~ Alice de Mohun
33~ Reynold (Reginald) II de Mohun ~ Hawise FitzGeoffrey
34~ Reynold (Reginald) I de Mohun ~Alice de Briwere b: ABT 1184
35~ William IV de Mohun b: BEF 1176 ~ Lucy ?
36~ Godeheut de Toeni b: ABT 1135 *William de Mohun b: BEF 1121
37~ Roger III de Toeni (de Conches) b: ABT 1104 d: BEF 1162
38~ Ralph IV de Toeni (de Conches) ~ Alice (Adeliza) de Huntingdon
39~ Ralph III de Toeni (de Conches) ~ Isabel (Elizabeth) Montfort
40~ Roger(Spainiard) de Toeni b: ABT 0990 ~ Adela Godeheut(Godehilde) Borrell
41~ Ralph II (Rodulf) de Toeni b: BEF 0970 d: AFT 1015
42~Ralph I (Rodulf) de Toeni b: ABT 0930

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Name: *Godeheut de Toeni
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1135 in Flamstead, Hertfordshire, England
Father: *Roger III de Toeni (de Conches) b: ABT 1104 in Flamsted,Eng
Mother: *Ida (Gertrude) de Hainault b: ABT 1109 in Flamsted,Eng

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Name: *Roger III de Toeni (de Conches)
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1104 in Flamsted,Eng
Death: BEF 1162
Note: Roger, called de Toeni or de Conches; born probably c1104; married Ida, daughter of Baldwin III, Count of Hainault, and died between autumn 1157 and the beginning of 1162. [Burke's Peerage]
Father: *Ralph IV de Toeni (de Conches) b: ABT 1079 in Flamsted,Eng
Mother: *Alice (Adeliza) de Huntingdon b: ABT 1085 in Flamsted,Heretfordshire,Eng

He married Ida, daughter of BALDWIN III, COUNT OF HAINAULT, by Yolande, daughter of Gerard, COUNT OF GUELDERS. With her he had in marriage from Henry 120 librates of land out of the royal demesne at East Bergholt, Suffolk. He died after
Michaelmas 1157 and probably before 1162. [Complete Peerage XII/1:763-4, (transcribed by Dave Utzinger)]
ROGER DE TOENI III, styled also DE CONCHES, 1st son and heir, was born probably about 1104, and succeeded his father about 1126. In 1131 he attested Henry I's pancarte confirming all the grants of his ancestors and himself and others to the
abbey of Conches. He is said to have waged war with Hugh de Chateauneuf in 1133. In 1135 the King suspected that he was preparing to rebel, together with William Talvas, Count of Ponthieu, on behalf of Henry's son-in-law, Geoffrey Plantagenet,
and sent his own soldiers to garrison the castle of Conches. After the King's death Roger supported Geoffrey and his wife the Empress Maud against Stephen. After Easter 1136 hostilities began between him and the King's generals, the twins
Waleran, Count of Meulan, and Robert, Earl of Leicester; and civil war raged in May and June. In the autumn the fighting flared up again; but on 3 October Roger was ambushed and captured by Count Waleran and Henry de la Pommeraye. His land was
laid under an interdict and he was kept in prison for more than 6 months, but was released in 1137. In May 1138 he was attacked by the Count of Meulan and William d'Ypres, but defended himself successfully; and on 7 September he captured
Breteuil and burnt the town. However, before the end of 1138 he made peace with the twin Earls, who conducted him to England, where he was reconciled to King Stephen. Nothing is known of what happened to his English lands during this period. In
1150 or 1151 he was with Henry, Duke of Normandy, at Rouen. After Henry had become King, Roger enjoyed the royal favour; for between Michaelmas 1157 and Michaelmas 1158 the King granted him 100 solidates of land at Holkham, Norfolk. He was a
benefactor to the abbeys of la Noë, Conches and Bec.
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Name: *Ralph IV de Toeni (de Conches)
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1079 in Flamsted,Eng
Death: ABT 1126 in Conches,France
Note: Ralph, called either de Toeni or de Conches; married 1103 Alice, younger daughter of Waltheof, Earl of Northumberland, Northampton and Huntingdon, and died c1126. [Burke's Peerage]
Father: *Ralph III de Toeni (de Conches) b: ABT 1029 in Flamsted,Eng
Mother: *Isabel (Elizabeth) Montfort b: ABT 1058 in Flamsted,Eng
He married, in 1103, in England, Alice, younger daughter and coheir of Waltheof, EARL OF NORTHUMBERLAND, NORTHAMPTON and HUNTINGDON, by Judith (the King's cousin), daughter of Lambert, COUNT OF LENS. Alice inherited Walthamstow, Essex. Ralph
died about 1126 and was buried at Conches. His widow gave the church of Walthamstow to Holy Trinity, London, for the salvation of the souls of her son Hugh, who was buried there, and her husband. [Complete Peerage XII/1:760-2
Father: *Waltheof Northumberland b: ABT 1046 in Northumberland,Eng
Mother: *Judith de Boulogne b: 1054/1055 in Lens,France
RALPH DE TOENI IV, styled also DE CONCHES, 2nd but 1st surviving son and heir, assented with his mother and his elder brother, Roger, to his father's gifts to St. Evroul. He succeeded his father probably in 1102; and in 1103 he was one of the
nobles who supported the claim of Rainald de Grancei to succeed to the Barony of Breteuil on the death of William de Breteuil. In the same year he was a member of the alliance formed by Robert, Count of Meulan, to force Goel d'Ivri to release
his burgher, John of Meulan. He then crossed to England and, being graciously received by the King, obtained his father's lands; and in 1104 he returned to Normandy with Henry, as one of his ardent supporters. He was in the King's army in
Normandy in 1106 and took part in the battle of Tinchebrai on 28 September. In 1110 he was with the King at Romsey. When rebellion broke out in Normandy in 1119, he remained faithful to Henry. About the same time by the King's advice Ralph de
Gael gave him Pont-St.-Pierre and the whole valley of Pistres. In 1120 he was with Henry at Rouen. He was a benefactor to the abbeys of Bec and Conches, and perhaps to the priory of Westacre.
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Name: *Ralph III de Toeni (de Conches)
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 1029 in Flamsted,Eng
Death: 24 MAR 1101/1102
Burial: Conches,France

Ralph [de Toeni], usually called Ralph de Conches; participated in Norman invasion of England 1066; being accordingly granted lands in Berks, Essex, Glos, Herefs, Herts, Norfolk, and Worcs; married Elizabeth/Isabel, daughter of Simon de
Montfort, Seigneur of Montfort l'Amaury, and died 24 March, probably 1101/2. [Burke's Peerage]
Father: *Roger(Spainiard) de Toeni b: ABT 0990 in Tosni,France
Mother: *Adela Godeheut(Godehilde) Borrell b: ABT 0995 in Tosni or Conches, Eure, Haute-Normandie, France
Ralph obtained her as a reward for kidnapping by night his half-sister Agnes, daughter of Richard, Count of Evreux, and giving her in marriage to Simon
Name: *Isabel (Elizabeth) Montfort
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1058 in Flamsted,Eng
Note: Elizabeth/Isabel, daughter of Simon de Montfort, Seigneur of Montfort l'Amaury. [Burke's Peerage]
Father: *Simon I de Montfort b: ABT 1025 in Montfort Amuary,Ile De France
Mother: *Isabel de Broyes b: ABT 1034 in Broyes,Marne,France
He [Ralph de Toeni] m. Isabel or Elizabeth, daughter of Simon de Montfort, Seigneur of MONTFORT L'AMAURY (France) (a), by his 1st wife, said to be Isabel, daughter of Hugh BARDOUL, SEIGNEUR OF BROZES. He died 24 March, probably in 1101/2, and
was buried at Conches. Isabel, after a long widowhood, repenting of the fatal wantonness to which she had been too much addicted in her youth, took the veil at the priory of Haute-Bruyère and lived praiseworthily in the fear of the Lord.
Ralph [de Toeni], usually called Ralph de Conches; participated in Norman invasion of England 1066; being accordingly granted lands in Berks, Essex, Glos, Herefs, Herts, Norfolk, and Worcs; married Elizabeth/Isabel, daughter of Simon de
Montfort, Seigneur of Montfort l'Amaury, and died 24 March, probably 1101/2. [Burke's Peerage]
RALPH DE TOENI III, styled more usually DE CONCHES, son and heir, by Godeheut, was born probably about 1025-30. He was banner-bearer of the Normans. In 1050 he was at the Duke's Court. In 1054 he took part in William's victory over the French
at Mortemer and was sent by the Duke to alarm the King of France with the news. About 1060 Ralph, Hugh de Grandmesnil and Ernald d'Echauffour were deprived of their inheritance by the Duke and banished. In revenge Ernald and Ralph made
incursions into Normandy and burnt the town of St. Evroul; but in 1063 they were recalled and their lands were restored. Ralph was one of the nobles summoned to a council when the Duke heard of the death of Edward the Confessor and the
coronation of Harold; and he took part in the invasion of England and fought at the Battle of Hastings. At some time between the battle and the Domesday survey in 1086 the Conqueror gave him estates in the counties of Berks, Essex, Gloucester,
Hereford, Herts, Norfolk and Worcester, with the castle of Clifford, co. Hereford, which had been built on waste land by William FitzOsbern, 1st Earl of Hereford; but his caput baroniae was at Flamstead, Herts. Before 30 November 1074 he
assented to the Bishop of Bayeux's purchase of land from his tenant Herbert de Agnellis. About 1078 he supported Robert Courtheuse against the King. Probably about 1080 he went on a pilgrimage to Spain; and on his safe return, as he had
promised, he made gifts to the abbey of St. Evroul, in recompense for having helped Ernald d'Echauffour to burn the town. In 1081 he was with the King at Winchester. After William's death in 1087 he was one of the Norman nobles who expelled the
royal garrisons from their castles. In 1088 he served under Duke Robert in the war against Maine. His wife Isabel having angered her sister-in-law Hawise, wife of her brother William, Count of Evereux, the Countess induced her husband to attack
Ralph. He appealed in vain to the Duke for help; he then sent envoys to William Rufus, who ordered his adherents in Normandy to go to Ralph's aid. In Nov. the Count of Evereux besieged Conches, but his forces were defeated soon afterwards; and
after 3 years of fighting peace was concluded. When Rufus and his brother made peace in 1091, the Duke granted to the King all the land of Gerard de Gournay and Ralph de Conches; after which Ralph remained one of the King's strongest
supporters. After the death of Rufus, Ralph and the Count of Evereux invaded the Count of Meulan's barony of Beaumont in Aug 1100, in revenge for his having prejudiced the late King against them. Ralph was a benefactor to the abbeys of St.
Evroul, l'Estree, Conches, Croix-Saint-Leufroi, Lire, Jumieges, Bec, and St. Taurin, Evereux.
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Name: *Roger(Spainiard) de Toeni
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 0990 in Tosni,France
Death: ABT 31 MAY 1038
Burial: Conches,France
Note: Note: Roger Toeni's 1st wife, Stephanie, is questioned by some; especially her 2nd marriage to Garcias of Spain while Toeni was still alive. I agree that it does not make much sense. However
Father: *Ralph II (Rodulf) de Toeni b: BEF 0970 in Tosni,France

Name: *Adela Godeheut(Godehilde) Borrell
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 0995 in Tosni or Conches, Eure, Haute-Normandie, France
Death: 1077
Note: Burke's Peerage & Baronetage, 106th Edition, Charles Mosley Editor-in-Chief, 1999
Note: Page: 2679
Note: Text: date implied by death of Godheut's 1st husband
Note: Roger ,no date given, 1st husband 2nd wife
ROGER DE TOENI I, styled also DE CONCHES, son and heir, was born probably about 990, for as stated above he was joined with his father in the custody of the castle of Tillières in 1013 or 1014. He was a powerful and haughty man, and
banner-bearer of all Normandy. In 1031 or 1032 he attested a charter of Robert I for St. Wandrille. About 1035 he founded the abbey of Chatillon or Conches. While Duke Robert was away on pilgrimage, he went to Spain and distinguished himself in
fighting the infidels (b). When he returned to Normandy, he was furious to learn that the boy William had succeeded his father in the Duchy, declaring that a bastard ought not to rule over him and other Normans. Accordingly he rebelled and
ravaged the lands of his neighbours, particularly those of Humphrey de Vieilles; whose son Roger de Beaumont marched against him, and in the battle which followed Roger de Toeni and two of his sons were slain. He was a benefactor to the abbey
of I'Estrée and confirmed a gift to the abbey of Lire, and witnessed a charter for Jumièges. He married, perhaps 2ndly,[g] Godeheut, whose parentage is unknown. He died as above, probably in 1038 or 1039, and was buried 1 May at Conches. His
widow married Richard, 3rd COUNT OF EVREUX. She was a benefactor to Conches. Complete Peerage XII/1:755-7,
b) Will. de Jumieges, p. 157---by Orderic. In consequence he was styled sometimes Roger of Spain (Orderic, vol i, p. 180; vol iii, p. 338), or Roger the Spaniard (Idem, vol ii, p. 64). However, if the Roger, son of Count Rodulf (cf, p. 755,
note "a" above), who according to the Sens Chron. led an army from Normandy to Spain, can be identified with Roger de Toeni, he is said to have gone there at a much earlier date; and after defeating the Saracens, is said to have married a
Spanish woman and lived there for 15 years. Then owing to the treachery of the natives he lost most of his men and, leaving his wife in Spain, he returned to Normandy; where he made a concord with Duke Richard, who was displeased at the loss of
his army. Afterwards Roger was killed, fighting against a certain neighbor (Rec. des Hist. de France, vol x, p. 223). This Roger's feats in Spain are recorded also by Ademar, who calls him simply Roger, and does not say how long he stayed there
(Idem, p. 156). No other Norman than Roger de Toeni seems to be known, who could be identified with the hero of these stories. Cf. Prentout, op. cit., p. 86. See also p. 755, note (a) above and note (g) below. See "Tony of Belvoir", Charles
Evans, "Geneal. Mag.", vol 15, 1968, pp. 616-18. [last sentence, referencing Charles Evans, added by CP XIV:613]
[g] Roger, son of Count Rodulf (see note "b" above), married, in Spain, Stephanie, sister of Raymond Berenger; which lady afterwards m. Garsias, King of Spain (Rec. des Hist. de France, vol x, p. 223). This agrees with the statement of Ademar,
that he m. a da. (unnamed) of the widowed Ermensede, Countess of Barcelona ((Idem, p. 156), the mother of Raymond abovenamed. If this Roger were Roger de Toeni, he married Godeheut while his 1st wife was alive, and Stephanie m. Garsias III,
King of Navarre, while Roger was living.
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Name: *Ralph II (Rodulf) de Toeni
Title: Seigneur
Sex: M
Birth: BEF 0970 in Tosni,France
Death: AFT 1015 in Guerny, Eure, Normandy, France
Note: Ralph/Rodulf de Toeni; feudal Lord also of Conches; custodian with his son of Castle of Tillieres from 1013 to 1014; took part in Norman expedition to Southern Italy c1015. [Burke's Peerage]
RALPH (or RODULF) DE TOENI II, son and heir, was born probably before 970, for in 1013 or 1014 the Duke of Normandy, having founded the castle of Tilliéres, gave the custody of it to Ralph de Toeni and his son Roger, together with Neel, Vicomte
of the Cotentin. Ralph was seigneur of Tosni and Conches. ) About 1015 he went to Apulia; and in the winter of 1015-16 he was at the siege of Salerno (a). The name and parentage of his wife are unknown, but it is possible that she belonged to a
collateral branch of the ducal house; for according to Orderic, Ralph's son Roger descended from an alleged uncle of Rolf, the founder of Normandy (b). The date of Ralph's death is not known. [Complete Peerage XII/1:754-5, (transcribed by Dave
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Name: *Ralph I (Rodulf) de Toeni
Title: Seigneur
Sex: M
Birth: ABT 0930 in Tosni,France
Note: As indicated by Burke's Peerage in notes for Hugh de Calvacamp, Ralph received Toeni from his elder brother Hugh, Archbishop of Rouen.
RALPH (or RODULF) DE TOENI I, son of HUGH DE CALVACAMP, was given Tosni by his brother Hugh, and is described as a most powerful man, perhaps in consequence of that gift. He is usually confused with his son Ralph, but there is no authority for
such identification, and the dates involved show that there must have been two Ralphs, belonging to successive generations. [Complete Peerage XII/1:754
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Name: *Alice de Mohun
Sex: F
Birth: ABT 1227 in Dunster, Williton,Somerset,Eng

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